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Ethiopian artists create art from animal bones and bags

Two artists in Ethiopia hope to protect the environment by turning rubbish into art.

BBC Afaan Oromo service receives traditional blessing

An elder in the Ethiopian region gives a special blessing as the BBC’s Afaan Oromo service launches.


እንታይ ትደልዩ?

''ቢቢሲ ትግርኛ ሽፋን ኣብ ዘይርከብ ስፖርት ብሽክሌታ ቆላሕታ ክትገብር ንላቦ'' ካብ ሪኢቶታትኩም መንጎ።

What's Up Africa: Can you give Hell a makeover?

Satirist Ikenna Azuike takes on the ultimate PR challenge, and other stories.

Yemen: African migrants thrown into the sea

Many of the boat passengers are said to be teenagers

The United Nations' migration agency says people-smugglers have "deliberately drowned" dozens of Somali and Ethiopian migrants off the coast of Yemen. They say more than one-hundred-and-twenty migrants were forced into the sea in rough conditions. Laurent de Boeck is the Chief of Mission in Yemen for the International Organisation for Migration. Picture: Survivors found by IOM staff on a beach in southern Yemen Credit: International Organization for Migration