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Flagship scheme had 'no discernible' impact

The Troubled Families scheme had 'no discernible' impact, analysis finds.

BBC Newsnight has learnt that the government's flagship response to the 2011 riots, the Troubled Families programme, had "no discernible" impact on unemployment, truancy or criminality, according to an analysis. The report - seen exclusively by BBC Newsnight - is embarrassing for ministers, who had trumpeted previous data suggesting 98.9% of families in the scheme had been "turned around". Our policy editor Chris Cook reports.

Lord Jones on the political row over David Cameron's resignation honours list.

Lord Jones on the political row over David Cameron's resignation honours list.

Steve Hilton says : "It's not okay for politicians to appoint people who make laws".

David Cameron's former aide, Steve Hilton criticises the former prime minister over his resignation honours list.

Samantha Cameron and Isabel Spearman

Among names on a list claiming to be David Cameron's resignation honours list is his wife's adviser - widely described as her stylist. Why would the PM's spouse need a £60,000-a-year aide?

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Jacob Rees-Mogg MP defends the honours system

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and James Delingpole discuss whether politicians should receive honours

Former adviser to David Cameron on why he turned down his honour

Rohan Silva worked in Downing Street as an advisor to David Cameron, but turned down an honour when he left the job.

Conservative MP Chris Philp says only a "very small number" on PM resignation honours list

Conservative MP Chris Philp says that given the overall total of people who receive honours, the resignation list from David Cameron is a "very small number"

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson says he would "abolish resignation honours"

Deputy leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson says Theresa May "has it in her power to block" the honours list