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What red peppers in Niger tell us about Boko Haram

A ban on the sale of peppers has been lifted in Niger
There's good news for farmers in Niger - the government has removed a ban on the sale of the Diffa pepper. It's being seen as a sign that the battle against Boko Haram militants is going well.   

So, why was the chili pepper banned in the first place and what does it have to do with terrorism? The BBC World Service Africa Editor, Mary Harper, explains.....

(Photo: Red peppers in Niger. Credit: Getty Images)

A military widow: 'My husband died with honour'

A military widow respects the president for making the call.
President Trump was criticised when he allegedly told a military widow her partner 'knew what he signed up for'. Melissa Jarboe, who also lost her husband in combat, says it's true that army families know the risks and respects the president for making the call. 

(Photo: Memorial service of Staff Sergeant Jamie Jarboe.  Copyright Melissa Jarboe LLC)
'How insensitive can you be?'
A congresswoman says the president told a soldier's widow: "He knew what he was signing up for." Mr Trump hits back: "Didn't say it at all."
Drone at Base 101 in Niger

Julian Keane

BBC World Service, Lubumbashi

The western African nation of Niger, one of the world's poorest countries, is fighting terror threats on several fronts, as the BBC's Julian Keane discovers in its capital Niamey.

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