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Militias Surround 2000 Sheltering in C.A.R Seminary

Central African Republic violence has displaced more than a million

Imagine what it would be like to be trapped in a compound and surrounded by armed militias in a country where shedding blood has become the norm. That's the plight faced by some 2000 Muslims displaced by violence in the Central African Republic. They've found temporary refuge in a Catholic seminary in a small town called Bangassou, where they've been sheltering since a wave of religious killings in May. This illustrates the new reality of the C.A.R, a country unable to break the cycle of violence, despite the signing of a peace agreement between the government and rebel groups. Deep divides remain between Muslim Seleka rebels, who seized power in 2013, and rival Christian militias known as 'Anti-Balaka'. Over the last five years, thousands have been killed and more than a million displaced . We hear from some of those trapped in the compound and then the BBC's Huong Ly speaks to the Bishop of Bangassou, Juan José Aguirre Munoz, who is sheltering them. (Photo: UN peacekeepers. The UN has had peacekeepers in the country since 2014 . Credit: AFP)

Jollofication for Lagos

Nigerians jolly for Jollof rice festival

The competition no be small, the fight na heavy kasala. Insult upon insult upon injury. Ghana fire Nigeria, Nigeria wipe Senegal, Senegal mama Ghana. No retreat, no surrender. Across West and Central Africa, people still dey enter kitchen to formulate the best Jollof rice wey tongue go confess to. Well, last April, Nigeria Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, use im own tongue confess say na Senegal Jollof sweet pass. And if you remember as many people on top social media no gree dat one, e mean say the mata never finish. But on Sunday for Lagos, Nigeria, people put all dat wowo Jollof talk for one side as dem come together celebrate World Jollof Day with one fine Jollof festival.

BBC: Pidgin dey everywhere

BBC don launch Pidgin

BBC don increase for Africa as dem launch dia Pidgin Service today for Lagos.

Graphic novel tells story of war-torn childhood

A window into life in the Central African Republic.

The Central African Republic has been described as one of the worst countries in the world to be a child. To show how years of conflict have damaged the country, photojournalist Marc Ellison and illustrator Didier Kassai have produced a graphic novel ‘House Without Windows’. Marc told the BBC’s Bola Mosuro about the project. Image: 'House Without Windows' graphic Credit: Marc Ellison / Didier Kassai