France presidential election 2017

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Emmanuel Macron says EU must reform or face Frexit

The presidential candidate says he will not let down French people demanding changes to the EU.

The words Employment and Growth (in French) and the logo of the European Union are projected during a light show onto the French Foreign Ministry building in Paris

Andrew Walker

BBC World Service economics correspondent

France may have a high standard of living but there are some persistent economic problems that will prove a challenge to whoever becomes the next president.

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Paris: A divided nation awaits the election

Our correspondent sets off on her journey to chart the French presidential election

Before her personal Tour de France to chart the presidential election began, Emma Jane Kirby hired a bike from Paul Fournel in Paris. He spoke of how different the views were between residents of the capital and those elsewhere in the republic. (Photo: Emma Jane Kirby with her bike. Credit: BBC)

How powerful is the French president?

The BBC's Karin Giannone explains why this presidential election is so important for France.