The British at Work

Kirsty Young is presenting a new series called 'The British at Work'. The fourth episode is looking at the years from 1995 to the current day.

We would like to hear from men and women who have got stories to tell about these years and the following issues: the onset of management jargon, new technology that can monitor the productivity of workers or keep them on call, the work-life balance and long hours culture, social networking sites at work and the boss being a 'friend', inequality of pay in the workplace, the impact of the rise in contract work, the increase in organisational restructuring and the decrease in job security.

Do you remember the Cedric Brown British Gas story in 1995?

Perhaps you work in a call centre where your breaks between calls are monitored and your managers can listen in to your conversations?

Are you an immigrant in Britain who has struggled or thrived in the workplace?

Thank you for your comments