Delhi's Commonwealth Games woes make the headlines


The continuing difficulties surrounding the build up to next month's Commonwealth Games in Delhi make the headlines in a number of papers.

The Independent says the numerous woes mean India is being compared very unfavourably with China, which held the successful 2008 summer Olympics.

It adds that whatever now happens in Delhi, the conclusion will be that "India cannot match its Asian rival".

The Guardian says athletes should stop moaning and insist on taking part.

It adds that in the spirit of friendliness that the Commonwealth Games are supposed to evoke, "turning up" is the least the athletes can do.

The Telegraph says India has been "a great economic success story", and predicts that a triumphant games will still take place next month.

From athletics to board games - the Independent reports on the sacking of the entire Yemeni chess team.

The action happened after they had competed against Israel in a tournament in Belarus.

Parenting tips

The Times says Essex police are investigating the websites used by two strangers who apparently met for the first time to gas themselves in a car.

The Sun reports on the same story, saying that the suspected suicide pact between the two people took the internet "into chilling new territory".

It called for a block on any websites that encourage suicide.

The Sun says such a move by authorities would save lives and should not be viewed as a form of censorship.

The Daily Mail reports on three US studies which conclude that "cavemen were better parents than we are today".

The research discovered that in ancient times babies were immediately comforted if they started to cry.

It contrasted this with today's popular practice of allowing "controlled crying" - leaving the child to eventually calm down of its own accord.

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