Royal wedding couples

Royal wedding bells will be ringing in less than a week - but Prince William and Kate Middleton are not the only ones preparing for their nuptials on April 29.

We are following four BBC News website couples who will share their wedding day with the royals.

Last week we heard how they started making their plans. Here they explain what they will be wearing.

Sarah Wheeler, 31, and Benjamin Whelan, 35, Wiltshire

Image caption Two-year-old Oliver in his ivory suit

My dress is iconic that impresses most because it's flamboyant and simple all at once, with subtle crystals as a focus on the bodice, then soft draping onto a pick-up skirt in a taffeta material.

I'm especially pleased that it has a corset-type bodice which sucks everything in!

I will be wearing a tiara and veil at the request of my daughter! My maid of honour will be wearing a full-length strapless dress in pale pink and my daughter will be wearing a dress which is ivory at the top and pink underneath the netting on the skirt.

It has delicate butterflies along the strap to tie in with the pink butterfly theme and she will also wear a tiara.

My son has an ivory suit with a pink cravat and ivory shoes, which I can't see staying clean for long, as he's only two!

The men are just wearing lounge suits in grey to compliment the pink theme as we thought black would be too harsh.

I've only just thought about the something old and new rhyme, however I was given a silver sixpence for Christmas which is the end of the rhyme.

Apparently you're supposed to put it in your shoe but I'm not sure that will be too comfortable!

Cat Houghton, 39, and Steven Leonard, 36, South Lanarkshire

Image caption Steven Leonard with his Granite Thistle tartan suit, designed by Sally Carlton

As our wedding is a Scottish Celtic affair, this has influenced the choice of clothing and style of accessories greatly.

The groomsmen are to be kitted out in formal highland wear and as a kilt salesman, Steven's knowledge has helped us organise this well.

He and his best man will be wearing an unusual tartan called Granite Thistle and the rest of our groomsmen will be wearing Silver Highlander which is a more traditional grey tartan.

The colour scheme we have chosen is silver and purple, possibly one of the few royal connections in our wedding, as purple is considered a royal colour.

My dress is ivory and full length. Steven wants to know as little as possible about it, although I did accidentally let slip that it has sleeves... oops!

I will be wearing a silver tiara and a waist-length ivory veil. I will be carrying the bridal bouquet that my sister-in-law used for her wedding to my younger brother when they married in the same church eight years ago, so I love the connections between the two marriages.

My two bridesmaids will be wearing satin silver full-length dresses and we have two flower girls who will be wearing lovely floaty ivory dresses.

Our bridesmaids and flower girls will be carrying bouquets I made - ivory and purple roses tied in silver organza with purple ribbons. I am also making up the buttonholes to match with a single purple rose and a couple of tiny thistles together.

Emma Stout, 27, and Kieron Lavers, 29, Isle of Wight

Image caption Emma: "My dress is traditional with a twist"

Without giving too much away, I would say my dress is traditional with a twist.

I have a second dress for the evening. I can't give too much away as I know Kieron will be reading!

My bridesmaids are all in black. We have had all the dresses made in raw silk and the girls have all chosen their own top half of the dress with the skirts all being the same.

There is also some gorgeous diamante detail. They have beautiful hot pink shoes to brighten it up!

The men are also in black with ivory and hot pink accents. They have tails but no top hats. They all look very handsome!

I am definitely bothering with the something old, something new.

My borrowed is my mum's pearl bracelet my dad bought her for their pearl wedding anniversary, my new is my dress, my blue is my garter and I am still waiting for my old.

My guests have no special attire requests but I know they will all look gorgeous. They will all make a special effort.

David Pritchard, 55, and Elise Kershaw, 42, Lancashire

Image caption "We will both be wearing something old, something new and something blue"

I will be in my morning suite with a nice coloured tie and waistcoat.

Elise has a wedding dress without a veil, all matching and co-ordinated as you would expect. Rather formal, but informal.

Elise will also be wearing an Alice band-style hairpiece with diamonds and pearls to match her other jewellery.

As for the bridesmaid, this will be Elise's daughter, as my daughter will not be able to make it. It will be a modern but smart dress.

With it being rather hot as the wedding is in Malta, the men will not be wearing any head attire, so no top hats.

We will both be wearing something old, something new and something blue.

Our guests are mainly ex-pats, and we are also having a street party, so I imagine that they will be all very smart and very British.

And the citadel will be decorated accordingly by the British Residents' Association.

We will be getting married at 1100 Gozitan time, which is an hour ahead of the UK.

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