Newspaper review: A royal wedding and a referendum

Sunday newspapers

The goings-on at the evening reception at Buckingham Palace following Friday's royal wedding are a preoccupation for many of the Sunday papers.

The Sunday Times says William, now the Duke of Cambridge, dropped his guard during his speech, revealing the debt he owes his new wife and describing her as his "rock".

The Sunday Express is one of several papers who have heard that Prince Harry had the guests in stitches, with his best man's speech. The News of the World has been told that Harry wore a fez throughout.

But the Sunday Mirror says Prince William was also close to tears, as Harry paid an emotional tribute to their mother.

The party is the lead for The People, which says the first dance was Elton John's Your Song, sung by Ellie Goulding.


Even with the clearing up from the party barely over, there is already talk of babies. The Daily Star Sunday claims the royal couple have told friends that they intend to have a child as soon as possible.

By contrast, the News of the World says the new duchess has said she will not have a baby for at least a year; she apparently wants time to adjust to royal life before becoming the mother of an heir.

The Sunday Mirror says a decision to delay the honeymoon was taken by the couple about three weeks ago.

But the Sunday Telegraph leads with the assertion that the postponement was a "surprise last-minute announcement", prompted by security fears. The paper says the couple were believed to have booked a holiday in Jordan, but that continuing unrest in the Middle East meant they had to rethink the plans.

Many papers believe the duchess' younger sister, Pippa Middleton, stole the show at the wedding, especially after Prince Harry was spotted "flirting" with her.

The News of the World says Pippa has a reputation as the ultimate party girl. It says she is enjoying "all the benefits of royal connections... without any of the duties".

'More control, more choice'

In an editorial headed "sometimes tradition just works best", the Mail on Sunday argues that while constitutional monarchy may not work in theory, it works in practice, pointing out that our "supposedly outdated form of government" has seen the country through revolutions, conflicts, and crises.

The paper draws a parallel with the referendum on whether to change the voting system for Westminster, saying that the current system may have its unfairnesses, but it does at least allow people to dismiss bad governments.

A similar link between the royal family and the AV referendum is made by Matthew D'Ancona in the Telegraph.

"We like a prince in an Aston, not a weird new voting system", he says.

Other papers are in favour of a change to the Alternative Vote, which asks people to rank candidates in order of preference.

The Independent's editorial calls on readers to make this the last time they vote with an X, saying a yes vote would give people more control, more choice, and more of a say.

The Observer is also a supporter of change, calling the referendum "a golden opportunity to revive democracy".

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