Newspaper review: Papers mark one year of coalition


It is a year after the jokes in the rose garden says the Guardian, and the first anniversary of the coalition is a low-key affair for the papers.

For the Independent, there have been a few highs and many lows.

The Daily Telegraph says that for all the ups and downs, the squabbles and the showing off, the government is actually doing reasonably well.

In contrast, after one year in the job the Daily Mirror labels David Cameron as the least successful Tory PM ever.

Common sense

Papers that usually criticise judgements by the European Court of Human Rights are, for once, pleased with one of its rulings.

On Monday, it dismissed an attempt by the former head of world motor sport, Max Mosley, to impose stronger curbs on the media.

The court said something sensible, the Sun declares.

The Daily Mail says it was a rare and welcome outbreak of common sense, and the judges are to be congratulated.

Tourism verdict

The latest edition of the Lonely Planet Guide to Britain is out - and it may burst the royal wedding tourist bubble, the Independent warns.

The paper's headline sums up the guide's verdict: "Overcrowded, overpriced and overrated".

However, the Daily Mail looks on the brighter side.

The paper says the guide also concedes that many parts of Britain are still "great", and it is still one of the most fascinating places in the world.

Short change

There are pictures in the papers of a 12-year-old boy dressed in a skirt at his school in Cambridgeshire.

The Times says Chris Whitehead is protesting at a rule that forbids boys from wearing shorts during the summer.

The Daily Mail says he has the support of other boys, and he tells the paper: "I don't feel silly at all. I don't embarrass easily."

The head teacher informs the Sun that he cannot stop the boy wearing a skirt - because that would be discrimination.

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