Newspaper review: Rubbish on the front pages


There is rubbish on the front pages of the Daily Express and the Daily Mail - neither of which are very happy about it.

The Express says the government's waste review has raised the spectre of every household losing its weekly bin collection.

The Mail says bins are "a council's most basic duty and an essential requirement of a civilised society".

It says the fact the government will not be forcing councils to restore weekly collections is a "betrayal".

The Sun blames Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles, who said there would be "no more stinking curry leftovers hanging around" under the Tories.

George Osborne's plan to force high street banks to ringfence their retail operations is the lead story in the Financial Times.

It says the chancellor's announcement allows him to "steal a march" on Business Secretary Vince Cable.

The Daily Telegraph says it will amount to the "biggest shake-up of Britain's banks in a generation".

There are harsh words for the coalition over its decision to revise its proposals for the NHS in England.

The Daily Mail accuses ministers of an "abject climbdown" and a "sorry compromise".

The Times reckons the government has "ducked the hard choices" and may have turned the clock back 20 years.

The Independent's health editor, Jeremy Laurance, says the changes announced "may offer the worst of all worlds" - with an NHS that is less market-driven and with less competition than it was under the previous Labour administration.

The Mail publishes a "haunting" photograph of HMS Invincible - the "once mighty aircraft carrier" - being broken up for scrap in Turkey.

The race for the Republican Party's presidential nomination has been heated up by the woman called by the Telegraph the "thinking man's Sarah Palin".

Michele Bachmann is an evangelical Christian who once described global warming as a hoax, and has been treated by many in her own party as a joke.

According to The Times she announced her candidacy for president four minutes into the first full Republican debate - and "spent the rest of the evening behaving as if she already had the job".

The Daily Telegraph reports Colonel Gaddafi's eldest son, Muhammad, has been officially allocated hundreds of tickets to the London Olympics, in his role as head of the Libyan Olympic Committee.

The paper says the organisers of the 2012 Games are obliged to provide tickets for Libya, because it is a member of the International Olympic Committee.

But it says the British government fears a "major diplomatic embarrassment", if senior members of the Libyan regime attend.

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