No end in sight as RAF marks 100 days over Libya

*Cost includes servicing, fuel, crew and training costs, cost of capital charge, depreciation and amortisation. Source: Jane's, UK Parliament, Defence Analysis, MoD

The UK's role in military operations against Colonel Gaddafi's regime has cost in the region of £240m according to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Defence.

According to the MoD, the operational cost of Operation Ellamy is in the region of £110m from the start of the mission in mid-March until mid-September. Replacing the weapons over the same period is set to cost "up to £130m".

The figures were released under a Freedom of Information request made by the BBC. The cost is some £20m less than government estimates released in June. Then, operational costs were slated to be £120m and replacements to work out at £140m.

No detailed breakdown is currently available.

Operational costs include basing 12 Tornado and six Typhoon fighter aircraft and their crews in Italy, as well as the naval and army contingents at sea in the Mediterranean.

Analysts believe the UK has fired more than 15 Tomahawk missiles - from the HMS Triumph submarine which has made two expeditions to the conflict. Aircrews have also used a range of missiles, including hundreds of Paveway and Brimstone missiles, against regime targets.

The Ministry of Defence has said in the past that it would not give full details of the number of missiles used as this would help the Gaddafi regime.

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