Newspaper review: Papers focus on Norway attacks

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

The attacks in Norway are on most of the front pages of the papers.

The Sun has a picture of a woman caught in the bombing in Oslo, her face and body covered in blood, being led by the arm away from the scene of the blast.

The same photograph is used by the Independent , with the headline "Terror returns to hit Norway".

The Times has a picture of paramedics treating blast victims on the streets of central Oslo, as shocked onlookers stand and stare.

Phone warning

The front pages of the Daily Mirror and Daily Star focus on the shootings on the island of Utoeya, where a youth camp was said to be taking place.

They have the headlines "Terror island" and "Holiday camp bloodbath".

The Daily Telegraph reports how the relatives of those caught up in the shootings were warned not to try to call their loved ones.

This was in case the ringing of their phones gave away the location of those hiding from the gunman, it says.


The Daily Express leads on the case of Peter Flanagan who will not be charged after stabbing to death a burglar who had broken into his house.

The paper explains that prosecutors ruled Mr Flanagan was acting in self-defence in "frightening circumstances".

Labour leader Ed Miliband tells the Times that the UK's six big energy companies should be disbanded.

This is so that the power they generate can be pooled and sold to households at lower rates, according to Mr Miliband.

Getting old

The Daily Mail is concerned that UK scientists have created 150 human-animal hybrids in the past three years.

The Medical Research Council tells the paper the experiments allow scientists to study early human development.

The Daily Mirror is one of several papers to reveal the top 50 indications that someone is getting old.

Researchers say these include falling asleep in front of the television, choosing clothes for comfort not style - and listening to The Archers.

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