Newspaper review: Focus on mass email deletions

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

The Guardian highlights the revelation that News International asked technology contractor HCL nine times about deleting thousands of emails.

The Independent says many of the emails were delivery-failure messages or emails that had got stuck in the outbox.

However, the Times notes HCL's assertion that requests for large numbers of emails to be deleted were not unusual.

News International is working to restore the back-ups of the email servers, says the Daily Telegraph .

Book sales

The release on bail of Jake Davis, the teenager charged with computer hacking, features in many of the papers.

But some are more interested in the book he was carrying as he left court.

The Independent says Free Radicals by Michael Brooks jumped more than 1,500 places in the Amazon UK bestsellers chart after Mr Davis was seen with it.

"The book is about scientists being lawless, anti-authority and anarchic - but in a good way," the author tells the Financial Times .

Plastic bags

The Daily Express says the state pension system will be boosted by an extra £45bn in funding.

The paper says the "massive cash top-up" is intended to drive the state pension towards £140 a week.

The Daily Mail reports that Britain's coastline is "awash with plastic bags" , with 70 littering every mile.

The number of throwaway carriers collected from beaches has risen 8% in 12 months according to the Marine Conservation Society, the paper says.

World best

On the front page of the Times , former England cricket captain Mike Atherton reflects on the "thrashing" of India in the second Test in Nottingham.

While nothing is official yet, he urges the English to "exclaim loudly to the doubters... that we have the best Test team in the world".

Few doubt England will snatch India's ranking from them, he says.

The Sun says it was a rare combination - a glorious summer's day and a brilliant English sporting victory.

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