Newspaper review: Mubarak trial dominates papers

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

Many of the papers picture the former president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, during his first court appearance.

Mr Mubarak, who was forced from office by mass demonstrations in February, denies charges of corruption and ordering the killing of protesters.

Showing him behind bars, the Sun , Daily Mirror and Daily Star describe him as the "caged tyrant."

The Daily Mail says a humiliated and broken man was wheeled into his show trial on a hospital trolley.

History in making

Hosni Mubarak being in court was "the moment when Egypt proved its revolution was real", says the Independent .

The Guardian says at times it descended into farce - "but this was still history in the making".

The Times highlights the fact that although he was toppled by a popular uprising, the people are divided.

It pictures two women - one supporting him and one opposing him - fighting each other outside the court as riot police looked on.

Summer break

The Daily Express warns of what it fears could be a month of "holiday hell".

It speculates that the sudden closure of travel firm Holidays 4 UK will probably not be the last of the summer.

"There won't be any holidays 4U," is the Daily Mirror's headline as it reports that 50,000 people could be left without a summer break.

Sun deputy travel editor Pete Bell reminds readers they should make sure their company is Atol protected if they have yet to book their summer holiday.

Throne call

The smartphone has led to an increase in what has long been considered a social faux pas of the highest order, according to the Daily Telegraph .

Apparently more people are using their phones during films or plays.

The Guardian says nearly half of all teenagers - and more than a quarter of adults - now own smartphones.

"I'm on the throne," says the Sun , as it highlights the statistic suggesting that a fifth of adults will now answer their phones while in the toilet.

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