Newspaper review: Financial turmoil dominates papers

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

Red lines plunge across the front pages over pictures of bankers and investors holding their faces in their hands.

Panic, jitters, meltdown, crisis, chaos, storm, rout, turmoil and even bloodbath are just a few of the words used for the global economic situation.

The Daily Telegraph warns that the world economy seems once more to be sliding into the abyss.

The Telegraph says this is not a new crisis - it is the same 2008 crisis simply getting into its stride.

Pensions worry

The Financial Times says European policymakers have joined battle with bankers and investors in their efforts to stamp out the fires of panic.

But it warns things are unlikely to return to normal soon, with a wave of pessimism about the global outlook.

The impact of the economic meltdown on British pensions is the focus for the Daily Express.

The paper says pensions and savings funds were dealt a "devastating blow" on a day of "carnage".

Tax question

The Guardian continues to look into alleged British collusion in the mistreatment of terror suspects abroad.

The paper claims to have seen a secret interrogation policy document, weighing the importance of the information being sought against the amount of pain.

A number of papers fly in the face of Downing Street denials to report that Chancellor George Osborne is planning to cut the 50p top rate of income tax.

The Independent leads with it and the Times is equally certain.

Tourism boost

The Daily Mail has a warning that it is being claimed EU-wide environmental policies could destroy 30,000 British jobs.

A report from the independent Renewable Energy Foundation predicts steps will hit UK firms hard and see huge numbers of "green" jobs created in Spain.

But Scottish tourism is in line for a boost according to the Financial Times.

Tourism chiefs are apparently finding it hard to contain their excitement about the new Pixar animation Brave - set in the landscape of the Highlands.

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