Newspaper review: Phone hacking letter discussed

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

There is vast coverage of a letter from the News of the World's ex-royal editor alleging hacking was widely discussed by top editorial staff.

The Daily Telegraph says the letter's emergence "blows apart the wall of silence in Wapping" .

The Independent says the revelations "will have MPs smelling blood."

The story is given extensive coverage in the Times and is a page-lead in the Sun . Perhaps surprisingly it is only the bottom of page 18 in the Mirror .

Tough justice

The Times and the Independent lead on the four-year jail terms given to two men who tried to incite a riot using Facebook.

The Independent talks of "growing criticism" about disproportionate sentences. The Times says the sentences signalled the tough justice being meted out .

The Sun welcomes the news, saying in an editorial "the public is finally seeing proper medicine handed out".

The Guardian carries Lib Dems' views on "David Cameron's uncompromising post-riots law and order agenda" .

'Power grab'

The Guardian says Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel set out plans at a meeting on Tuesday to create the first "true economic EU government" .

The Daily Mail and Daily Express call it a "power grab".

The Mail's Simon Heffer writes that post-WWII Germans are conquering Europe through trade and financial discipline .

The Independent says the two leaders' determination to press for a Europe-wide tax on financial transactions will alarm the banking industry .

Financial pressures

The Mail and Express criticise the government for what the Mail sees as its " dogma in these hard times ".

The Mail lists the financial pressures people are facing and urges ministers to "halt their politically correct obsession with green energy taxes".

The Express says ministers show little common sense with foreign aid and EU bailouts and green energy commitments.

Britons, it says, will not put up with such impoverishment-by-politics for much longer .

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