Newspaper review: Papers reflect on university scramble

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

There are wide-ranging reports in most of the papers of what the Independent says is "the frantic scramble for a dwindling number of university places".

The Daily Mail finds it "mind boggling" that even students with A* grades have missed out on undergraduate places.

A Daily Telegraph editorial says A-levels must be made a useful indicator of ability. But the Mirror sees record A-level passes as a national success.

The Sun reminds its readers "that most teenagers are decent and hard-working".

'An awful summer'

Several papers have startling pictures of outbursts of somewhat unseasonable August weather in places yesterday.

The Daily Express talks of "flash flood devastation" and carries a photo of a police car stranded in Bournemouth.

The Mail shows a boy wading through waist-deep water at Dunbar . It says two weeks of rain fell in just 30 minutes.

The Mirror says the floods have "capped an awful summer for British holidays" . "Let's hope," it says, "we get a few days of sunshine before August is out."

Uniting against President Assad

The world is uniting against Syria's President Assad, the Independent says .

It says Barack Obama has dramatically increased the pressure on the dictator by calling - alongside other Western leaders - for him to step down.

The Financial Times says Turkey - one of Syria's most influential neighbours - was notable for its silence.

The Guardian believes Thursday was the day President Assad "finally exhausted whatever shreds of international legitimacy " he had managed to retain in Western countries.

'Biggest fish'

There is a lot of interest in Channel Five's resurrection of Celebrity Big Brother, not least because one of the housemates is Sally Bercow.

The Times says she is being pressed not to keep any of the fee for the TV show, amid claims she is profiting from being married to Commons speaker John Bercow.

The Independent says she is appearing against her husband's wishes .

The Mail says the "D-list celebrities" also on the show may allow Mrs Bercow to be "the biggest fish in the bowl".

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