Newspaper review: Press covers prison riot warnings

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

With the number of inmates at record levels, the papers carry warnings that tough sentences for hundreds of rioters have increased the risk of disturbances in prisons.

The Independent says that London's main remand prisons - Wormwood Scrubs, Wandsworth, Pentonville and Brixton - are under particular pressure.

The Guardian says the Prison Service is monitoring jails in England and Wales for signs of unrest.

Riot appeals

The Times covers the potential flood of successful appeals after a judge quashed a five-month jail term for a woman who accepted looted shorts.

The paper says Judge Gilbart's ruling in Manchester was the first signal that harsh punishments may be overturned.

But plans to evict council tenants who were involved in the rioting are still going ahead.

The Daily Mirror says at least 11 authorities are hoping to take action against convicted troublemakers.

The main story for the Daily Mail is the fatal stabbing of two women from Northern Ireland in Turkey.

This was, the paper says, after one of them refused to let a waiter marry her 15-year-old daughter.

The Mail describes how Shannon Graham had begun a holiday romance with the waiter two years ago and then travelled to see him every school holiday.

The story is also the Mirror's main story, with the headline of: "Let me marry your child or die".

Shy Brits?

A film producer has suggested that British actresses are too inhibited when it comes to taking a "leap into the sexual unknown" on screen.

Paul Breuls says British stars were considered for a role of a seductive Arab mistress but a Frenchwoman was chosen instead.

The director, Michael Winner, tells the Independent he doesn't think homegrown actresses are particularly coy.

He also says he has had no difficulty persuading starlets to disrobe.

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