Newspaper review: A bloody last stand in Tripoli

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

The situation in Libya again dominates the news - the Independent speaks of Colonel Gaddafi "going down in flames".

But the papers also reflect on what the Daily Telegraph calls "a desperate and bloody stand" by loyalists in Tripoli.

The Guardian describes pockets of resistance morphing into a full-scale battle, with "the rattle of guns and the wumpf of mortars".

According to the Times , a single question is reverberating around the watching world - where is Col Gaddafi?

The Daily Mirror sounds a more cautious note about the future of Libya.

It cites Iraq and Afghanistan as cases where the downfall of a national hate figure has caused "chaos and terrible loss of life".

However, the Sun is keen to give the prime minister credit for rallying allies to oust Colonel Gaddafi.

It hopes that Mr Cameron can persuade the rebels to hand over the Lockerbie bomber and those suspected of shooting dead the London police officer Yvonne Fletcher.

Other news is overshadowed by Libya, but the Daily Mail reports that it strongly supports a legal challenge on tuition fees in Scottish universities.

It says the decision to charge English students full tuition fees, while others go free is "nakedly unfair".

The Telegraph also reports that a set of old milk crates has been seized from a primary school in Oxfordshire.

The paper says "health and safety zealots" removed them despite no child ever being hurt playing with them.

Libya is not the main story on all the papers, however: the fire on Sir Richard Branson's island is the main story in the Sun and the Daily Mirror .

Both feature pictures of the tycoon's house ablaze on his private Caribbean island, Necker.

The Sun says actress Kate Winslet carried Sir Richard's 90-year-old mother to safety as the mansion went up in flames after a lightning strike.

The Telegraph calls it a "drama worthy of a film script".

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