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The eurozone debt crisis, and the fate of the Italian government, is the lead story in most of Wednesday's papers.

The Guardian reports that Europe's leaders are still at loggerheads over a plan to save the single currency.

The Times says that leaves the euro once again at the mercy of the markets.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times says Italy's prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is fighting to stave off the collapse of his coalition government amid EU demands for concrete economic reforms.

Few papers have any doubts about the significance of Wednesday's European Union summit.

For the Sun, the talks mark crunch-time for the euro.

And Jeremy Warner, writing in the Daily Telegraph, likens the summit to saving the world from immediate disaster".

Meanwhile, the main concern expressed by the Daily Mail is that British taxpayers could be left to "carry the can" for eurozone countries that have failed to solve their problems.

The Conservative rebellion in the Commons on Monday night continues to provoke coverage in the papers.

David Cameron may feel no rancour towards the Tory MPs who defied him in the referendum vote, but many of them do, according to the Daily Telegraph.

For the Daily Express, the public mood and the acknowledgement of that mood by politicians can't now be ignored.

And the Mail calls for a single-question referendum asking if Britain should reclaim powers from the EU.

The Independent has a picture of 10 Downing Street bathed in a pink glow to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Other papers have pictures of David Cameron leaving Downing Street and highlight what the Daily Mail calls a large patch of grey in his dark hair.

The Daily Mirror says his hair appears to have turned grey since the Tory conference earlier this month.

He has been under pressure, says the Daily Express, adding that it's unsurprising he is showing the strain.

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