Newspaper review: Papers focus on tensions with Europe

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

Details of the eurozone crisis are widely reported in Wednesday's papers.

It is causing a deepening rift between Germany and the UK, according to the lead story in the Times .

The paper focuses on comments by an ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel - Volker Kauder - who said Britain had a responsibility to make Europe a success and would not be allowed to refuse to contribute.

In its version of the story, the Financial Times talks of German frustration with Britain "erupting".

Murder trial

A photograph of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence appears on a number of front pages.

Two men have gone on trial for his murder, more than 18 years after he was stabbed to death in south-east London.

The Guardian and Daily Telegraph's headlines both focus on the prosecution's claim that he was killed for one reason, the colour of his skin.

The Daily Mirror says he was "swallowed by a tide of hate " in an attack by a racist knife gang.

Long and tedious

"No one came out very well" is the Independent's verdict on Tuesday's inquiry by MPs into what was going on at passport control over the summer.

As the Daily Telegraph's sketch puts it: "The hearing was so gruellingly long and tedious that a firm conclusion was impossible to draw."

The paper says the row is masking the fact that the UK's transport infrastructure is "creaking".

The Daily Express says "voters are sick of spin and lies about immigration" .

Drought warning

Several papers consider the weather.

The Daily Telegraph says much of the Midlands, East Anglia and south-east England is running low on water , which could mean rationing over Christmas and hosepipe bans in 2012.

And the Daily Express reveals that the warmer weather could be bad for this year's crop of Christmas trees .

Farmers say they need a harsh frost to toughen them up, otherwise they may shed their needles too soon.

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