Newspaper review: EU treaty plan scrutinised

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

The eurozone's debt crisis continues to grab the attention of most newspapers.

French and German plans for closer fiscal integration are a major change for the continent, the Times says.

But the Independent detects a rift between the two nations after President Nicolas Sarkozy rejected the idea of a federalist solution to the crisis.

The Daily Mail claims it is PM David Cameron's moment of truth on Europe, while the Financial Times says Italy and Spain's bond markets have improved.

Crystal ball

Chancellor George Osborne's talk of six more years of financial pain prompts the Guardian to imagine life in 2017.

Looking into its crystal ball, it predicts the longest ever decline in living standards, but a sense of relief because things could have been worse.

The Times says fundamental reform of what the state provides is required - and nothing must be seen as untouchable.

And the Daily Telegraph agrees, saying a rethink of the role of the state should include whether it needs to be the monopoly provider of health care.


The sportswriters consider England's draw for the Euro 2012 championships in Poland and Ukraine.

Fabio Capello's team have been lucky to draw Ukraine, France and Sweden, the Daily Mirror concludes.

But the Sun says they have a long way to go - literally - to progress. During the group stage alone they will have to travel almost 5,000 miles, it reports.

As the Guardian points out, this is bad news for fans who face daunting travel plans if they want to follow England.


Art collector Charles Saatchi makes what the Guardian calls an incendiary attack on the contemporary art world.

He says being an art buyer these days is "indisputably vulgar" and questions whether buyers actually enjoy art.

Finally, the countdown to Christmas continues, with the Times featuring what it calls the Harvard of festive academia - a US school for Santas.

The course in Michigan advises Santas on beard management and wig maintenance as well as giving dance classes.

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