UK newspaper review: Papers focus on the euro crisis

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

On the eve of another meeting to solve the euro debt crisis, several papers assess what they see as the endgame.

The Sunday Telegraph says "Europe's odd couple" Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy - or "Merkozy" - are closer to an arranged marriage made in hell.

"Merkozy plays leading role as euro pantomime approaches its final act", according to the Observer .

And the People claims eurozone nations are making plans to return to their old currencies if it all goes wrong.

Pay freeze

The Queen faces a pay freeze until August 2015 as part of "austerity measures", the Sunday Times reports .

It says her income has been dropping in real terms since 2009.

The Mail on Sunday says Royal Mail bosses have warned staff they could face charges under the new Bribery Act if they accept gifts of more than £30.

The Sunday Express claims Britons are "haggling their way to a multi-million pound Christmas bonanza ", encouraged by consumer magazine "Which?"

Global warming

Over a full page picture of a polar bear captioned: "Remember me?" the Independent on Sunday reports from the UN climate change conference in Durban.

It asks: "Whatever happened to the war on global warming?"

The Sunday Times claims the government could build up to 32,000 wind turbines as it struggles to meet green targets.

The paper also says scientists have discovered two of the biggest ever black holes, each with a mass ten billion times greater than the sun.

Giant pandas

Edinburgh Zoo's preparations for the arrival of two giant pandas from China gets plenty of attention.

The Sunday Mirror tells us displeased animal rights groups have accused it of putting the "con" into conservation.

One half of the mating pair, Tina Tina - which means "Sweetie" - is pictured in the Daily Star Sunday chewing bamboo without a care in the world.

Finally, the Sunday Telegraph tells us the cost of Christmas for parents has been calculated at £112 per child.

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