Newspaper review: 'Critical week' for eurozone


French and German talks on Monday aimed at resolving the eurozone debt crisis get plenty of attention in the papers.

The Times claims the race to save the euro is entering its final phase, while the Guardian says it is a crucial moment for the eurozone.

The meeting between Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel could shape the outcome of "the most critical week" in EU history, according to the Independent.

The Financial Times reports that France and Germany "remain at loggerheads".

'Two-tier Europe'

The Daily Telegraph urges Prime Minister David Cameron to secure concessions on repatriating powers, in exchange for approving any EU treaty changes.

Whatever new arrangements for eurozone members are agreed, the impact on Britain will be "profound", the Daily Express concludes.

"Of course the British people must be allowed a referendum," it declares.

And the Sun fears France and Germany plan to create a two-tier Europe, with Britain "elbowed aside".

'Terror without end'

The Daily Mail highlights an open letter by the mother of Gary McKinnon, the man fighting extradition to the US for alleged computer hacking.

In it, Janis Sharp tells MPs current laws are causing "terror without end".

But the US ambassador in London, Louis Susman, tells the Telegraph the existing extradition treaty is fair.

The Guardian interviews the most senior UK commander in Afghanistan, who says now is not the time for western nations to turn their backs on the country.

'Rubbish at sex'

Finally, there is continued fascination with the pair of giant pandas, on loan from China, who are set to become the star attractions at Edinburgh Zoo.

For the Daily Star, it was a case of "Panda-Monium", as crowds lined the streets to cheer the new arrivals.

The Telegraph hails the return of "Panda diplomacy" by Beijing.

But the Independent describes them as "the world's most useless creatures" and says they are anti-social, boring and notoriously rubbish at sex.

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