Newspaper review: Papers report on Russian protests

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

The moment Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was arrested during anti-government protests in Moscow features in the Times and the Guardian.

Protesters are continuing to defy the Kremlin's show of force, according to the Financial Times.

The Independent believes the protests have surprised the government.

The Daily Telegraph says they have been among the most significant demonstrations against Vladimir Putin's regime for years.

EU summit

David Cameron has "named his price" for supporting the EU's efforts to rescue the euro, according to the Times.

Writing in the paper, he demands safeguards for the City but warns MPs that that there are limits to what he can realistically achieve.

Meanwhile, the Sun talks of a "chilling new EU masterplan" which would leave bankrupt nations as "effective slave states" without a vote.

The Daily Mail urges Mr Cameron not to be bullied by the EU.


The papers do not need much of an excuse to fill their front pages with photos of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror and the Daily Telegraph all carry pictures of her as she arrived for a charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

"High Street Duchess" is the Daily Telegraph's caption, as it highlights her dress, from the Zara chain.

"Short and sweet" is the Daily Mail's caption for its front page picture of her "new look".


Many of the papers report that just four lifestyle changes will help cut the risk of cancer.

The Daily Express says a third of the cases diagnosed each year - 100,000 - are caused by smoking, unhealthy diets, obesity and alcohol.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reports the government is launching a 60-step plan to restore faith in the NHS.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is to announce the goals which aim to save 20,000 lives a year.

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