Newspaper review: Press discuss possible pension deal

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

Many papers judge that a settlement now looks likely in the dispute between the unions and the government over changes to public sector pensions.

The Guardian says it is a "watershed moment" while the Financial Times says "it looks like the beginning of the end". .

The Times believes that both sides have got something from the process of negotiation. .

But it warns the biggest civil service union - the Public and Commercial Services Union - that its leaders need to change their attitude.

Planning concerns

The idea that in future the police might open fire on rioting arsonists who put the lives of others at risk receives a frosty reception.

The Daily Mail treats the suggestion as an unworthy bit of bravado by the Inspectorate of Constabulary.

The Daily Mirror agrees, saying "shooting rioters would be wholly disproportionate". .

But the Daily Star is not so sure - it says, in the end, "the rule of law must prevail".

The Daily Telegraph gives coverage to its own campaign against the government's revision of national planning policy.

The paper argues that the government has an obligation to future generations to get the policy right.

And the Independent has a report on the latest housing project backed by the Prince of Wales. .

The paper points out that his involvement in housebuilding has become what it calls a "property empire".

Wine survey

Sir Paul McCartney reveals some of his song-writing secrets in an interview with the Sun. .

He says that if he hits "a sticky point" he remembers the years spent writing with John Lennon - and asks himself what they would have done to solve the problem.

The Daily Express is taken by a survey which claims people choose wines which reflect their characters.

It suggests outgoing types buy rose, while the serious buy Italian reds.

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