Newspaper review: Papers divided on benefits cap

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

The anticipated rebellion in the House of Lords over the government's proposed cap on benefits divides opinion.

The Independent thinks a limit on welfare payments is the way forward , and says Lord Ashdown's decision to oppose the measures is regrettable.

The Daily Mail says it is immoral to expect ordinary working people to subsidise lifestyles of the indolent.

The Guardian argues strongly against the cap , saying it punishes children for being born into large families.

Pay freeze

The Financial Times is concerned about the impact on homeowners of an EU directive aimed at making banks safer.

The draft directive says loans must be treated as in default when they are 90 days in arrears - UK mortgage borrowers currently have 180 days grace.

There is further gloomy financial news on the front page of the Guardian .

It reports on a study from a leading think tank that says the pay freeze currently being experienced by millions of people is likely to last until 2020.

Close to shore

The hapless captain of the Costa Concordia which ran aground in Italy continues to attract attention.

The Independent says lawyers are examining comments made by the ship's bosses about Francesco Schettino's alleged "character problems".

Italy's national consumer group said the remarks will form the basis of a class action against Costa Cruises.

The Daily Mirror focuses on his claim that he was asked to sail close to the shore for publicity purposes.

Stinging assault

The Daily Mail claims that four patients are dying hungry and thirsty on hospital wards every day.

It has official figures that suggest dehydration or malnutrition was linked to more than 1,000 deaths in 2010.

The Daily Express says heritage chiefs in North Wales are planning a stinging assault on yobs who have been vandalising historic buildings.

Greenfield Valley Heritage Park wants to hide beehives in old mills in the hope the insects will deter intruders.

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