London 2012: Olympic ticket resale window closes

Grab of tickets website
Image caption The ticket website crashed on the day the resale window opened

The window for people to sell their unwanted Olympics tickets has closed.

Games organiser Locog offered to buy back all unwanted tickets at face value after problems with the resale website.

The site was designed for people to buy and sell tickets but it crashed within hours of the resale window opening on 6 January, and was closed the same day.

On 17 January the site reopened for people to sell unwanted tickets until 18:00 GMT on 3 February, and these will be resold to the public from April.

On 9 January the site, run by Ticketmaster, was partially reopened to sell Football and Paralympic tickets.

'Better experience'

The window to buy Football and Paralympic tickets closes on Monday with any unsold tickets also due to go on sale from April.

Speaking after the website crashed Locog commercial director Chris Townsend said: "We made a commitment to our customers to give them a safe, secure and legal way of selling Olympic and Paralympic tickets which they are no longer able to use.

"We believe this system - purchasing the tickets back from customers now, and offering them again from April - will result in a better customer experience for everyone."

There have been a series of ticketing problems for Locog. The first sales period had to be extended after the site slowed down.

In the second round of sales, thousands of people thought they had bought tickets only to be told the following day they would not be charged, as they had not actually got any tickets.

Ten thousand tickets to watch synchronised swimming were put up for sale, yet they did not exist and customers have been offered a swap with seats at some of the Games' most sought after events including the men's 100m final.

Police have warned it is a criminal offence to resell London 2012 tickets on the open market without the permission of Locog.

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