Newspaper review: Iran nuclear leap prompts concern


Iran's announcement of what it described as major advances in its nuclear programme prompts widespread concern in Thursday's papers.

The Times says the breakthrough would put Tehran "one step away from the Bomb", though the Iranian authorities deny working on nuclear weapons.

And the Independent fears Iran may be "courting disaster".

It fears Tehran may be giving succour to those who argue force is the only language the regime there understands.

'Strongest defence'

A speech by the Queen at Lambeth Palace attracts widespread attention.

It is the front page story in the Times, which describes it as being the Queen's "strongest defence of the Church of England".

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail refers to the speech as being one of the most outspoken public addresses of the monarch's 60-year reign.

The Daily Express believes she was "quite right" to speak up for the role of Christianity in British public life.

Human rights

The latest developments in the crisis enveloping Rupert Murdoch's newspapers are widely reported.

The Independent says some journalists at the Sun are considering taking legal action against their employer using the Human Rights Act.

Sun journalists claim News Corp passed information about their sources to the police mounting a corruption inquiry.

The Guardian says police are looking into claims that some police officers and public officials received more than £10,000 a year from the Sun.

'United's man'

Arsenal's 4-0 defeat to AC Milan in the Champions League prompts headlines such as "humiliated", in the Sun, and "Arsene gets torn apart", in the Daily Express.

Under the headline "Wenger is done four", the Daily Star says the team were "totally outclassed".

Finally, the Independent and Daily Mail report that Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has identified Ryan Giggs as a serious candidate to succeed him.

The Times says the veteran midfielder may be "United's man for the future".

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