Newspaper review: Failed Nigeria rescue bid in headlines

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

The failed attempt to rescue a British and Italian hostage in Nigeria is the lead story in most of Friday's newspapers.

The Daily Mail says there is growing anger in Italy after it became clear that Rome was informed of the operation only once it had got under way.

The Daily Telegraph says the hostages were shot before British special forces entered the compound.

Nigeria has been struggling with homegrown Islamic terrorists for some time, a commentary in the Times says.

The Sun gives over most of its front page to the faces of the six British troops killed in Afghanistan on Tuesday with the simple headline: "So young".

The Daily Star and Daily Express observe that most of those killed were "little more than boys".

And the Independent salutes them as "six of the best".

"The faces and ages of the six brothers-in-arms," says the Daily Mirror, "make the pain of the tragedy more intense."

"Not a moment too soon," is the Independent's verdict on Transport Secretary Justine Greening's plans for cutting £3.5bn off the cost of running Britain's railways by 2019.

It calls the "yawning gulf" between the expense of the UK's rail network and the experience of using it a disgrace.

The Sun says rail passengers are already ripped off by train companies.

It says the government's shake-up involves more price hikes and is nothing short of an outrage.

Chancellor George Osborne is being urged to scrap income tax on the state pension, the Daily Express reports.

It could mean a pay-rise of £1,000 a year for five million pensioners.

The Sun says a report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies has found that households will lose an average of £160 this year when government benefit cuts and tax hikes kick in.

And the Daily Mail says some analysts predict the 0.5% Bank of England base rate could remain for three more years.

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