Newspaper review: David Cameron's relationships trouble press

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers.

After the re-arrest of former News International boss Rebekah Brooks and her husband, Charlie, the papers point out their association with David Cameron.

The Guardian calls Mrs Brooks a "personal friend" of the prime minister, while to the Daily Mirror they are "pals".

"Cameron under pressure as friends are arrested," reports the I newspaper .

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph says the development "cast a shadow" over the PM's arrival in the United States.

'Depressing reflection'

The papers also make a great deal of Mr Cameron's "special relationship" with his host President Barack Obama.

According to the Guardian, the PM is being accorded the grandest Washington welcome of any world leader this year.

Several papers point out Mr Cameron was given the rare privilege of a flight on the president's plane.

But the Daily Mail sees "a depressing reflection on modern politics" in the first agenda item being a £100,000-an-hour flight to watch a basketball game.

Water bills

Good news for anyone worried about all the talk lately of widespread droughts and hosepipe bans comes courtesy of the Daily Telegraph.

More than one million people, it says, will be supplied this summer with water from Britain's first large-scale desalination plant in east London.

Not such good news perhaps comes from the Daily Express.

Greedy water firms, the Express says, are set to "send bills soaring" by 8% from 1 April despite rationing supplies.

DIY dilemma

There's a lot of interest in our changing buying habits.

The Office for National Statistics has listed the 700 goods selected to work out the official inflation figure.

Developing colour film, glass casserole dishes and step ladders are this year replaced by porridge, takeaway chicken and tablet computers, says the Sun .

The Times wonders: "What did for the step ladder", asking whether we have "fallen out of love with DIY - or realised it's safer to get a man in."

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