Newspaper review: Papers have fun with police fitness tests

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers.

The papers find there is fun to be had in calls for police officers to take an annual fitness test, after a review of the service in England and Wales.

When the police are significantly fatter than the population as a whole, there's a problem that needs to be addressed, says the Times .

As the Sun puts it: "When a copper chases a villain, we need them to make an arrest, not take a rest".

At last, the Star says, we could see the end of "blobbies" on the beat.

Jolly hockey sticks

The Duchess of Cambridge is pictured on most front pages showing off her hockey skills during a visit to the national women's team at London's Olympic Park.

She was "jolly good with a hockey stick", the Times notes.

Meanwhile, George Osborne will cut the income tax top rate from 50p to 40p in next week's Budget, the Guardian says .

Government sources say the chancellor sees the measure as the simplest single way to show commitment to an enterprise economy, the paper says.

Marriage problems

Some papers express misgivings about government plans to allow same-sex marriages in England and Wales.

The Daily Telegraph fears that what's being proposed is not a minor social tweak , but a fundamental redefinition of an ancient institution of marriage.

It is part of a desperate attempt by the Conservative leadership not to be the "nasty" party, the Daily Mail says .

But it says it is in danger of riding roughshod over religious freedoms enshrined in law for centuries.

Equine star

Finally, there's great excitement at the prospect of Kauto Star winning a third Gold Cup at Cheltenham on Friday.

The Daily Mirror is confident the 12-year-old can re-write history and send Cheltenham's hordes into frenzied celebration.

For the Racing Post , Kauto Star is a horse with the power to deliver one of the defining moments in the history of sport by regaining the title again.

It will be, the paper reckons, a day to treasure for fans of the sport.

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