Newspaper review: Papers focus on Taylor conviction

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Former Liberian President Charles Taylor's conviction is widely covered.

The Times calls it a "limited but important step in subjecting barbarism to law", while David Blair, in the Daily Telegraph, says a "brutal era of impunity has ended".

In the Guardian though , Afua Hirsch warns that "many Liberians believe Taylor is innocent".

The same paper notes that Sierra Leone is booming 10 years after civil war, with 34% growth expected this year.

Custody cost

With Charles Taylor expected to serve his prison sentence in the UK, some newspapers question the cost.

"Why," asks the Daily Mail , "should the blood diamond warlord cost you £100,000 a year?"

The Sun says the final bill may reach £2m - but the Independent says the more it costs the better , because it means Taylor is serving longer in prison.

The Guardian notes that the £154m trial was largely paid for by American taxpayers.

Online support

The Daily Telegraph's main story is a warning from the Local Government Association that the rising cost of elderly care could cause "libraries, parks and leisure centres" to close.

The LGA says "we cannot afford further delays" in reforming the system.

The Daily Mail leads on its campaign for an "automatic block" on online pornography, to protect children.

Shadow ministers Jenny Chapman and Helen Goodman write that the system should be opt-in, not an opt-out one.

Hunt pressure

The spotlight remains on Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The Independent's splash says he is on "borrowed time" over his role in News Corp's bid to take control of BSkyB.

The Guardian's Simon Hoggart thinks "Labour are attacking Hunt like beavers working away at a tentpole. They hope, nibble by nibble, to bring him and the whole teepee down".

The Daily Express said Labour sought to keep up the pressure by demanding to see his emails surrounding the deal.

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