As it happened: Police election results

Key points

  • Elections of police and crime commissioners across England and Wales have seen wins by Conservative, Labour and independent candidates.
  • Former deputy PM Lord Prescott was defeated in the election for commissioner of Humberside
  • Low turnouts - typically between 10% and 20% - have attracted much adverse comment. Average turnout was put at about 14.5%.

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Last updated 17 November 2012


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the police and crime commissioner election results. We'll be bringing you all the results and reaction as they come.


The first person to be elected as a police commissioner is Conservative Angus Macpherson, who was picked in Wiltshire ahead of the Labour candidate after second preference votes were counted.

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comments on the BBC News website: I did not vote. We do not know anything about the candidates. What on earth has it to do with party politics? I thought the law was supposed to be independent?

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Peter Wilson

comments on the BBC News website: Voted last night and learned on arrival that there was a second choice system if there were more than two candidates. Asked how that would work and no-one knew. Presiding officer looked in their information book and still no answer.


The first PCC elections look set to be mired in controversy amid reports of low turnout and deserted polling stations. In Wiltshire, 81,477 people out of a total electorate of 520,000 voted - a turnout of 15.8%.

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Nick Robinson, Political editor

tweets: Election turnout pitifully low. Democracy = great when you've not got it but not so appealing when you have? Discuss

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comments on the BBC News website: I have no sympathy with those who claim they knew nothing about the candidates. Find out, as I did. Expecting to be spoon-fed all time is a societal malaise. This election is important and involves issues that affect us all.

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comments on the BBC News website: Why did these elections need to be conducted on the basis of party affiliations? If ever any position screamed for an independent base it was this one.


The Electoral Reform Society has branded the government's handling of the elections a "comedy of errors". It has predicted a turnout of 18.5%, which would be below the previous record low in a national poll in peacetime of 23% - in the 1999 European elections.