Newspaper review: Chris Huhne's downfall widely reported


The collapse of Chris Huhne's political career is the main story for most of Tuesday's papers.

"The man who ran out of lies," is the Daily Mail's headline, while the Guardian's headline adopts a similar tone: "Destroyed by a 10-year lie".

The man once tipped to be the next Liberal Democrat leader now faces prison, says the Independent.

In the words of the Daily Star, the politician's career is now in tatters and his reputation ruined.

The Times considers the fallout from Mr Huhne's resignation in the form of the resulting by-election in the Liberal Democrat MP's Eastleigh constituency.

It says David Cameron and Nick Clegg face an electoral dogfight that will test the limits of coalition harmony.

The Sun predicts it will be a bloody, gloves-off, fist-fight to the last.

It will be like two tribes going to war, the Daily Mirror's Kevin Maguire says - and the fight for the seat will be as bloody as the death of Richard III.

The confirmation that a skeleton found beneath a council car park in Leicester is that of the last English monarch to die in battle fascinates the papers.

The Guardian greets the news with the headline: "Bent spine, slashed skull and DNA to match: Leicester finds its king."

And the Independent says the discovery of the "twisted skeleton" solves a "500-year-old mystery".

It says the chance of a random DNA match are "only a few per cent".

The chancellor's message to banks that they face being broken up if they fail to separate their retail divisions from their investment operations is the lead for the Financial Times.

It says the Libor scandal and mis-selling of products have stripped the banks of any trust at Westminster.

The Daily Telegraph's main story is about the joint letter to the paper by three Cabinet ministers.

It is featured under the headline, "Tory big guns back gay marriage".

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