As it happened: UK snow and rain

Key Points

  • Heavy snow causes disruption to transport and schools across the UK, with rainfall bringing flooding to the south-west of England
  • Rescue teams find a body while searching for a woman at a house which partially collapsed after a landslip in Looe, Cornwall
  • Several flood warnings remain in the South West region, with Met Office warnings for snow covering much of the UK
  • More than 1,000 schools around the UK closed, while many thousands of people in Northern Ireland and Argyll are without power
  • Northern Ireland's World Cup qualifier against Russia is postponed until 15:00 GMT on Saturday because of the weather
  • The Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria was shut down due to the conditions but later reopened

    Welcome to live coverage of today's weather conditions, as heavy snow and rain hit the UK.


    Currently, the Environment Agency has 18 flood warnings in place for the South West region of England. The Met Office has two amber warnings for snow, covering much of the UK.


    The weather has caused many schools to close, and there are 40,000 homes in Northern Ireland without power.


    So what are the forecasters saying for the rest of the day? They predict that snow will cause travel disruption across northern parts of the UK, with some 20cm-40cm (8in-16in) falling in places.


    News from Belfast City Airport where the runway has been re-opened.


    However, at least 69 schools have shut due to the weather across Northern Ireland.


    In West Yorkshire, some 375 schools were closed because of the snow at the last count.


    More school closure news... an estimated 206 are closed in Derbyshire and East Staffordshire.


    In Yorkshire, Leeds Bradford International Airport has suspended all flights due to "adverse weather conditions". The message from the airport is: "We advise you to contact your airline or tour operator and check the status of your flight before arriving at the airport."


    Schools have closed and more than 1,000 homes are without electricity around Cumbria after heavy snow and high winds brought power lines down.


    The number of homes without power in Northern Ireland is on the rise - it's now 50,000.


    Heavy overnight snow caused severe traffic problems West Yorkshire.


    Here's a snapshot of conditions in Sheffield, with people struggling through a blizzard in a local park.

    Here's just one scene from the snow that has hit Britain. Here people struggle through the blizzard conditions in Sheffield.

    You can read more about the impact the weather is having in Cumbria by clicking here.


    Virgin Trains says lines are currently blocked between Flint and Chester due to National Grid power cables coming down on the railway.

    Lynne Jackson

    sent us this image of rare breed Dartmoor sheep in Hollywell, Wales, where snow drifts have covered the fields.

    Dartmoor sheep snow in.

    Here's a round-up from Scotland...

    Blizzards are causing widespread travel disruption in Dumfries and Galloway. More than 60 schools have been closed for the day. A number of roads have been closed, including the A75 near Castle Douglas.

    Heavy snow is also falling in west-central Scotland and Argyll. In Aberdeenshire many high-level roads are blocked by drifting snow and a handful of schools have been closed. Snow is also causing problems in Fife, Tayside and Stirlingshire, although trunk roads are open.


    Transport Scotland is also urging fans travelling to the World Cup qualifier between Scotland and Wales at Hampden Park in Glasgow tonight to plan ahead.


    In the past hour, we've heard of more than 900 school closures, including 60 in Scotland, 206 in Derbyshire, 375 in West Yorkshire, 69 in Northern Ireland and 193 in Wales.


    The Highways Agency says the Woodhead Pass on the A628 in the Peak District has been closed in both directions at the request of South Yorkshire Police.

    Paul, Liverpool

    emailed: Here in Liverpool we have had what could be described as a smattering and already there is a list as long as your arm of closed schools.


    More than 1,000 schools closed now. Here's the breakdown: 193 Wales, 206 Derbyshire and East Staffordshire, 40 West Midlands, 375 West Yorkshire, 76 Northern Ireland, 63 Shropshire, 60 Scotland.


    Police say a woman in her 60s is still unaccounted for at a house converted into flats which has partially collapsed after a landslip in Looe in Cornwall. A specialist search and rescue team, including a sniffer dog, has entered the building. Six neighbouring buildings have been evacuated. The main road into the coastal town has been closed and specialist engineers are at the scene.

    Roddy Stewart

    sent us a picture of a bus that skidded off the road in the snowy conditions near Killearn, Glasgow this morning. Fortunately no-one was injured.

    Bus that has come off the road in the snow.

    In Belfast, the pitch is being inspected ahead of tonight's World Cup qualifying match between Northern Ireland and Russia. There is a fear the game could be postponed because of heavy snow.


    Western Power said about 800 homes in Shropshire and Staffordshire had been cut off. A spokesman said the weather had been a "big factor" in the loss of power.


    Here's BBC reporter Andy Martin's take on the conditions in Northern Ireland: "It's shocking. It's grim. It's horrible. You're welcome over any time."


    Picture taken by BBC North of England correspondent Danny Savage, at Coal Road, Shadwell, Leeds.

    Picture taken by North of England correspondent Danny Savage, at Coal Road, Shadwell, Leeds.

    The weather is, of course unseasonably cold. The reason, as John Hammond of BBC Weather explains, is the persistence of easterly winds from a frozen European continent. Earlier this month, it was the east of the UK that suffered the most.


    The average temperature (day and night combined) for the UK in the first 20 days of March was about 3C. It should normally be nearer 6C. By contrast, March 2012 saw highs of 21C.


    Devon and Cornwall Police say the woman missing after her house was hit by a landslide in Looe, Cornwall - Susan Norman, who is in her 60s - has not been seen or heard of since 18:00 on Thursday.


    Here's a round-up of the latest situation in Dumfries and Galloway...

    More than 100 schools are shut due to heavy snowfall. Police say travel is "strongly discouraged" due to hazardous driving conditions. Some roads in south-western Scotland are closed including the A77 Stranraer to Portpatrick and A711 Dalbeattie to Dumfries.


    Durham Police say the A66 across the Pennines to Cumbria is closed in both directions because of the poor weather conditions.

    Grace Fenwick, Stranraer, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

    emails: Your map fails, again, to show the extent of the snow. We are two-thirds of the way up Rhins of Galloway (the hammer-head at extreme SW Scotland) at a height of 450 feet, 3 miles from the North Channel and we are looking out on feet of snow. There are drifts 4 feet deep!!

    Ricky Wright

    sent us this picture of his dog, deep in the snow in Belle Vue Park in Wrexham, north-east Wales.

    Dog up to his chest in snow

    tweets: I live in Westgate, Weardale. Have had snow for 10 days now and it's deep. At the moment biting winds and more snow falling!


    More on the missing woman in Looe, Cornwall. Insp Graham Claybourn, of Devon and Cornwall Police: "The property and adjoining properties were evacuated this morning, everybody was accounted for. However, one lady has not been accounted for. She lives in the ground flat. We're waiting for a geothermal engineer from the council to come down and assess the scene."

    Chris Newman

    sent us a picture of a lorry struggling through the snow in Brinscall, Lancashire at 08:00 this morning.

    Lorry in a snow drift

    This from Cumbria Constabulary: The A686 at Hartside is closed as is the A66 at Stainmore. The A595 and A5092 towards Millom are inaccessible and the M6 from Hackthorpe to Shap is passable with care.

    Christine Neil, Ringford, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

    emailed: It's not really the snow that bothers me its lack of power. No home phone, no internet, no heating, no hot water and with it being really windy and living in an old house it's a wee tad draughty! Oh, and having a teenager off because schools are closed is fun because there is nothing for him to do. I feel sorry for the farmers who are lambing or who've just started to lamb. The price of lamb isn't going to be cheap this year.


    Statement from Northern Ireland Electricity: "Right across Northern Ireland the high winds and snow in the east have affected electricity supplies. We have quite a few faults on our high-voltage network and that is affecting the highest volume of customers. We will be doing our level best to restore all faults as quickly as possible."


    BBC reporter Hywel Griffith, in Mold, north Wales, says many people are stuck in country lanes, fallen trees are blocking routes and some drivers have abandoned their cars. Many others decided not to set off this morning knowing roads were impassable.


    Specialist search teams, including a sniffer dog, have arrived at the scene of the partially collapsed building in Looe, Cornwall, where a woman in her 60s is missing.


    Update from Northern Ireland Electricity. Some homes have been reconnected - 37,000 homes are still without power.

    Derek Rogers

    sent us a picture of the snow in his garden this morning in Buckley, Flintshire.

    Garden table and chairs in the snow

    And this one from Robert Key in Whitehill, Stoke on Trent.

    Bike stuck in the snow

    The start of the flat horse racing season will go ahead after this afternoon's meeting at Doncaster survived a third course inspection. Our colleagues at BBC Sport have a round-up of how the weather is affecting the sporting fixtures.


    Conditions are steadily worsening in Dumfries and Galloway as snow continues to fall. A weather warning for later in the day has been upgraded to amber level. Up to 15cm (6in) of snow is expected even at lower levels.


    Just a reminder, you can check BBC travel updates here and the latest news from our Weather Centre here.


    The cold snap has already sparked fears that the UK could run out of stored gas. Now there's news that the price of wholesale gas has surged to a record high after the unexpected closure of one of three import pipelines to Britain.


    Here is the scene of the house collapse in Looe where a woman in her 60s is missing.

    Veronica Flats collapse, Looe, March 2013

    Cumbria Police are advising people not to travel in the south and west of the county unless absolutely necessary. They say they are out in force responding to incidents that have been reported due to high winds and heavy snowfall. Police have established a "Gold Group" at headquarters in Penrith to monitor the response.

    Lynne Jackson

    sent us a picture of her lambs huddling under a heat lamp in a barn in Hollywell, Wales.

    Dartmoor lambs huddle under heat lamp

    Some more detail on school closures. Some 110 schools are shut in Derbyshire, more than 100 in Dumfries and Galloway and six schools in rural Aberdeenshire. There are 37 schools closed in Nottinghamshire but just one in Leicester.

    1159: BBC weather forecaster Alex Deakin

    has given us this update. "The snow has eased over the Midlands but will return later today with several more centimetres expected overnight. Snow will continue to turn to rain over north Wales but will then go back to snow later. Over 50mm of rain has fallen in south-west England, another 50mm is expected today bringing the risk of flooding. Northern Ireland, north-west England and south-west Scotland will continue to see rain and snow today and tonight causing further disruption. Tomorrow central and eastern England will get the heaviest snowfall with several more centimetres in low lying areas and much more over hills."


    Nearly 200 schools have closed across north Wales as a result of the heavy snow, including 61 schools in the Wrexham area. Flintshire is also badly affected, with almost all the county's schools closed.

    1208: Stewart Walton
    Train runs in the snow

    sent us a picture taken on his way to work this morning in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. He said: "It was a bit bleak, but the trains all seemed to be running."

    1210: Ken Thomas

    sends a picture of his house in Whitehead, County Antrim, which is losing roof tiles due to the high winds.

    House with missing roof tiles
    1212: Melanie Cookson-Carter, Tilberthwaite, Cumbria

    emailed: We live down a secluded one and a half-mile track. We have to ensure we keep on top of weather warnings to ensure we have enough essentials to ride out a few days, such as milk, bread, coal etc, as no-one can get to the houses here. We get used to being without power and post for days on end. It brings us together as a family as we enjoy doing proper things that families should do; playing together and pulling together.


    Non-essential staff at Dumfries and Galloway Council have been sent home. The forecast for the region is for heavy and prolonged sleet and snow throughout the day and into Saturday morning.


    About 700 homes on the Isle of Man are without electricity because high winds have brought down a number of power cables. The Manx Electricity Authority has sent out engineers to try to restore power to people's homes. Snow is badly affecting the island.

    1216: Diane Slaterm, Llangollen Wales

    emails: Very poor conditions in Llangollen; the A5 is very quiet, there are trees down, so best to avoid it. I've lived here for 10 years and this is the deepest I have seen the snow fall!

    1218: Amanda Owen

    sent us a picture of a famer braving the snow on his tractor to feed the sheep at Keld in Swaledale, North Yorkshire.

    Man on tractor going out to feed sheep

    Currently the Environment Agency has 15 flood warnings and 76 flood alerts in place in England and Wales. Most of these are in the south-west region of England.


    The Sellafield nuclear site has been shut down as a precaution "in response to the current and predicted adverse weather conditions".


    Engineers in Northern Ireland working to restore power to customers continue to receive reports of problems with the network. Supply has been restored to 50,000 homes and businesses, but 40,000 customers remain without power.


    More on Sellafield: "a site incident has been declared and the plants on the site have been moved to a controlled, safe, shut down state".

    1227: Carol Bucknall

    sent us a picture of her daughter Ellie May's house bunny Bollinger, in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton.

    Rabbit in the snow

    Statement from Sellafield spokesman Karl Connor: "The site emergency control centre has been established and is managing the incident in line with well rehearsed procedures. We have implemented a phased early release of staff from the site; this is being carried out in a safe, controlled manner. There is no reason to believe that there will be any off-site nuclear, environmental or conventional safety issues associated with the incident. The priority for the team is to protect our workforce, the community and the environment."


    Now here's something to get you thinking. Compare today's top temperatures...

    Weather map of today's temperatures

    ...with those on the same day last year.

    Weather map of temperatures last year
    1237: Mike Gordon, Market Drayton, Shropshire

    emails: Snow here is already at 4 inches in places 5. A strong wind is blowing snow to drifts of 2 foot.


    The Local Government Association has been commenting on the response of councils to the weather. Transport board chairman Peter Box told the BBC: "I think we have been well prepared this time. I think about four or five years ago there was some criticism directed towards local government, which was probably deserved at the time. But since then we've upped our game: we've got plenty of grit in stock; we've increased our supplies over the last two or three years and overnight we've had thousands of people out trying to clear the roads."


    The runway at George Best Belfast City Airport has been closed for a second time for snow clearing and de-icing.


    More reaction to the weather from AA president Edmund King. He is expecting a very busy day: "We are finding a number of cars stuck in floodwater, in snow drifts etcetera. It's a bit like a witch's cauldron out there because it's not only snow and rain but it's this wind as well which is making visibility and driving conditions very bad."


    The horse racing meeting at Stratford on Saturday has been abandoned due to a waterlogged track.

    1247: Katie, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire

    emails: A tree fell over on the road so I couldn't go to school. My mum could take my big sister to school because she goes to secondary by another road. My mum said it was really hard to drive because you couldn't see because of the snow blizzard. She took me down to the road to see what it was like and the snow was up to my knees and I'm the tallest out of all my friends. Now there's a tractor moving the tree.


    More from Karl Connor, spokesman at Sellafield: "The shutdown has nothing to do with the work here at the site. This is purely a safety issue because of the high winds and snow, we want our 8,500 workers to go early and get home safely."


    Police in Dumfries and Galloway have advised people not to travel on the region's roads, with a Met Office amber warning in place until 23:00.


    A council spokesman commenting on the missing woman in Looe, Cornwall: "This is a very tragic incident and our thoughts are with the family and friends of the missing woman. The council is working with the emergency services and the Health and Safety Executive to carry out a thorough investigation into the cause of the landslip."


    Gridlock was caused after melting snow flooded the St Chad's Queensway tunnel in Birmingham, shutting the key road artery and leaving traffic backed up along main routes into the city centre.

    1303: Julia Tibbles, Macclesfield, Cheshire

    emails: Although we have not had as much snow as many other parts of the country, we have cancelled our town litter pick tomorrow, as we may not be able to see the litter!

    1305: George Carberry, Worthing

    emails: It's hard to believe how bad the snow is in places, when I look out of my window and there isn't a snowflake to be seen!


    The Department for Work and Pensions says £4m in cold weather payments to help vulnerable people pay their bills has been made in March - compared with none at the same time last year.

    1322: Alan Betts, York

    emails: I left home this morning in York, with not a sign of snow. Listening to the radio on my way to work in Bradford I could not believe the snow reports until I had to fight my way through the snow. Bradford is still being hit, but 38 miles away York is still dry

    Tiger at Knowsley Safari Park

    No matter what size they are, cats like to roll around and play - this tiger at Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside is clearly pleased that his enclosure has a thick covering of snow.

    BBC Radio Cornwall

    tweets: The collapsed building in Looe has been made safe and can now be searched says @CornwallFRS

    Jessica Greenman, Nottingham

    tweets: The snow has seriously lost any novelty it once had #sun #please


    More on the collapsed building at Looe - Dave King from Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service has told reporters at the scene that the collapsed property has been made structurally sound, so they can now send people in to search for the missing woman. A specialist team for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue has come to help.

    Sophie Raworth BBC Newsreader

    tweets: Just to make us all feel worse about this freezing Sydney they've just had their hottest March day for 90 years.


    Police have issued advice for football supporters travelling to tonight's World Cup 2014 qualifier between Scotland and Wales at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Due to the adverse weather Queens Park Recreational Ground, off Queens Drive, has been closed. As a result there will be no facility to park vehicles within the ground for the game, so police are asking fans to consider making other travel arrangements.

    1350: Jon Roberts, Bwlchgwyn, Wrexham

    email: I think we've had more snow than anywhere locally here. The roads seem to be fine thanks to the council with very few people daring to venture out, but our pub car park has at least one foot of snow. Unfortunately we've had to close the pub for the day because the car park is just unmanageable.


    Elsewhere in the football world, the World Cup match between Northern Ireland and Russia looks under threat. The Irish Football Association has released a statement which says that the referee and match delegates "are deliberating further on the situation regarding the game". Another update is expected by 14:30 GMT.


    Specialist investigators from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, who are searching flats in Looe, south east Cornwall which collapsed after a landslide, say "early investigations" suggest a missing woman is in there.

    Workmen clearing snow from the pitch at Windsor Park

    Here's a shot of workmen trying to clear the pitch at Windsor Park in Northern Ireland, ahead of tonight's scheduled World Cup qualifier with Russia. Looks like they might have to dig out an orange ball at least.

    BBC Food

    tweets: Merciful heavens, it's COLD! Time for oxtail soup - put it on, forget about it, serve. Best made a day ahead. Find their recipe here.

    1414: Graham, Hawkshead, Cumbria

    emails: There are blizzards in Hawkshead, Cumbria; at least 12 hours continuous hours of snow


    Ch Insp Justin Bibby from Cumbria Police says the force has been dealing with many incidents around the county, especially due to the effects of very high winds. He adds: "We're advising HGVs on the M6 corridor to be extremely cautious. We're also dealing with an HGV that's been blown over on the A66, close to Keswick."


    Darrell Wynne took this photo of the depth of snow at his in-laws' house in Gwernymydd, Mold, Wales, this morning.

    Darrell Wynne photo of a snow drift in Gwernymydd, Mold, Wales

    East Midlands Trains says that while snow has been forecast for its region, it still plans to run a normal service. It also suggests travellers check with a live departure board before they travel.


    But bad news for train travellers hoping to use services on the North Wales coast line between Chester and Holyhead. Arriva Trains Wales is advising people not to travel due to severe disruption caused by extreme weather and a damaged overhead power cable at Shotton.

    1430: Kaela Street, Brereton, nr Sandbach, Cheshire

    emails: No snow in north Cheshire, biting cold wind, and wet underfoot. But no snow, it all melted by 11 this morning.


    Betty Brower sent this picture of her nephew Eric enjoying the snow in Huddersfield, he's visiting the UK from the Netherlands.

    Betty Brower's nephew Eric enjoys the snow

    BBC weather forecaster Jay Wynne has an update for us: "There is flooding in the South West, heavy snow for many and strong winds for all. Some trees and branches are coming down, some roof tiles being blown away, there are slippery roads and pavements, so it is really quite dangerous in places. Amber warnings for heavy rain and snow remain in force into tomorrow."

    1437: Breaking News

    The Irish Football Association announces that Northern Ireland's World Cup qualifier against Russia is postponed until 15:00 GMT on Saturday because of the weather.

    1444: Durham Police Road policing unit

    tweets: A66 update: road remains closed due to snow, with conditions particularly bad on the Cumbrian side.

    Police car in Cumbria
    1445: Jamal Ahmed, Princetown, Devon

    emails: A large stream of rainwater has swept away part of the prison wall here, in freezing conditions. It looks like the road could be the next to go.

    1446: James Cook Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    tweets: Scottish Power says around 2000 homes are without electricity in Wigtownshire. #uksnow


    Lushui the red panda enjoys the white stuff at Chester Zoo.

    Lushui the red panda, enjoying the white stuff at Chester Zoo

    News reaches us from Scotland of how the bad weather means 10,000 households are without electricity in Argyll, which includes the whole of Arran. Hundreds more properties are similarly affected in south west Scotland too.

    1503: Jeni Gordon, London

    emails: My family, parents and two brothers, are supposed to be flying from NI to London to celebrate my 30th birthday with me this weekend. But it looks like nothing is getting out of Belfast. Another brother is supposed to be travelling from Devon tomorrow - flooding could be a problem for him! Not a happy birthday girl.

    Sian Ellis, Wrexham, Wales

    emails: Here in North East Wales we have atrocious snow and driving conditions..There seems to be very limited gritting and snow plough action by Wrexham council. My elderly mother has been without lighting, heating and cooking facilities since her electricity was cut early morning


    Windsor Park, where Northern Ireland was supposed to be playing against Russia tonight, is home to Irish League team Linfield. Despite being a venue for international matches, it does not have under-soil heating.

    North Prom in Largs

    Janet Parker has sent in this shot of the North Prom in Largs, on the Firth of Clyde in Ayrshire. "Conditions are very poor down here, we have about six inches of snow in our back garden and the wind is blowing it about a lot," she says.

    1517: Rebecca Lopuc, North Wales

    tweets: I've never seen snow as bad as in Wales! Just had to shovel snow out to get my dads car down the street


    Northern Ireland Electricity earlier said the estimated numbers of those without power may fluctuate through the day, and currently it is thought that some 40,000 of its customers do not have electricity.


    Sarah Sturrock sent this picture of a frozen ice cream hut in Largs, Scotland

    An ice cream hut covered in snow in Largs, Scotland

    Apart from the Northern Ireland football match, several other sporting events have also fallen foul of the weather. In Super League rugby, Friday night's game between Wakefield and Leeds has been postponed until Sunday. Bradford City's League Two football game against Bristol Rovers on Saturday is also off. And Saturday's race meeting at Kelso has been abandoned because of a waterlogged track, with the one at Bangor called off because of the snow.

    1534: North Wales Police
    An overturned lorry

    tweets: Here's a pic taken by one of our officers who was at the scene of the overturned HGV on the A55 earlier #poltwt

    1542: BBC Radio Manchester
    The St Helens pitch

    tweets: Volunteers clearing the pitch at St Helens ahead of tonight's game against #Salford. Inspection at 4pm #rugbyleague


    Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is calling on Londoners to donate blankets and duvets to keep its dogs and cats warm during this cold snap. Battersea cares for about 400 dogs at any one time.


    Janette Hobkirk sent this photo of her garden covered in thick snow in Glyn Ceiriog, Wales

    Janette Hobkirk's photo of her garden in Glyn Ceiriog, Wales

    The Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria has reopened after closing earlier due to the bad weather. Sellafield said in a statement: "We can now confirm that the site status has returned to normal. As a precautionary measure, the site emergency control centre will remain manned and operational to deal with any issues arising due to continuing adverse weather conditions."


    Airlifts were a feature of the Cold War, and this cold weather has seen their resurrection. Food supplies are being airlifted to the Isle of Man after the severe weather disrupted ferry services. Co-operative Food, which has 10 stores on the island, is using a Hercules aircraft which will fly from Manchester today, laden with some 18 tonnes of food and drink.


    Rescue workers find a body at a house which partially collapsed after a landslip in Looe, Cornwall, where resident Susan Norman had gone missing.


    Heavy rain in Devon has caused a road bridge to collapse, damaged a road beside a school and caused several landslips. Jubilee Bridge in Modbury has been destroyed, and Ashburton Primary School was closed after part of a road outside it collapsed.


    This photo was sent to us by the AA and shows its live CCTV system encountering heavy and drifting snow this morning, in the Peak District near Macclesfield.

    Photo taken from the AA's live CCTV system at 1024 in the Peak District near Macclesfield

    Downing Street says that while Britain's gas supplies are under pressure as a result of the cold snap "the absolute key thing on this is that supplies are not running out".


    More on the body found at a property in Looe, south east Cornwall. It was discovered by specialist investigators from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, who picked through the debris left after a landslide engulfed part of the property.

    The A635 Holmfirth Road

    Oldham Council says that despite its best efforts, the A635 Holmfirth Road - pictured - has now closed due to drifting snow. Its team of gritters is working around the clock to keep roads clear, however.


    Following the discovery of a body at a property in Looe, south east Cornwall, a friend of the missing woman Susan Norman described her as "a happy, lovely lady". Edwina Hannaford added: "Susan was well-known in the town and was an active volunteer. She was a very happy lady, very friendly and smiley, and would always say hello."


    Cumbria Police says that the following roads are closed: A595 Dalton to Ireleth Road; A595 Bolton Low Houses, Wigton; A595 Holmrook to Millom; A595 Millom to Bootle; A592 Kirkstone pass; A686 at Hartside; A5092 Griezbeck; B6276 between Brough to Middleton in Teasdale; B6277 Alston to Middleton in Teasdale; A66 at Stainmore.


    Andy McLannahan's photo was taken at the railway bridge junction between Ledsham Road and the A550 in Little Sutton, Merseyside.

    Andy McLannahan's photo taken at the railway bridge junction between Ledsham Road and the A550 in Little Sutton
    1740: Martin Colam, Berwick Upon Tweed , Northumberland

    emails: Not sure why, but here in north Northumberland and Scottish Borders we are only suffering high winds. All roads clear, no snow and so far no accidents with many high sided vehicles still using the A1. Roads have been gritted in anticipation of what may follow.


    Dave King, of Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, says crews are still working on recovering a body from the property in Looe, Cornwall, from "what is a very unstable building at this time".

    1739: Emily Dibble

    tweets: The rate this snow is falling, there is a very high risk I'm gonna get stranded in Wales.


    This live page is now closing down - before we go, be aware that the forecast for the weekend is very cold for most of the UK. Forecasters say outbreaks of snow across Northern Ireland and central parts will slowly ease. Brighter weather north and south of central areas are expected, with showers and snow in the north. But biting easterly winds will be keeping the freezing feeling alive from Sunday onwards.


    If you're driving in this evening's rush hour, then do stay tuned to your local BBC Radio station - or the usual big Friday round-up on Radio 2 - for all the latest traffic and weather updates.


    That's it from the team - thank you for joining us on this cold and wintry spring day. You can keep up to date with the latest news on the elements via the BBC Weather page.


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