Alison Cummins
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French bar owner tells of moment she recognised Jeremy Forrest

20 June 2013 Last updated at 23:05 BST

A Bordeaux bar owner has described the moment she realised a man looking for work in her bar was maths teacher Jeremy Forrest ,who has been found guilty of child abduction.

Forrest and the 15-year-old who pupil he was in a sexual relationship with, fled to France when they feared they would be found out.

Alison Cummins, who owns the HMS Victory bar, said Forrest had come in with a CV asking about work.

She said he seemed "absolutely run of the mill". When he later came in with the 15-year-old, Ms Cummins said the couple "seemed perfectly normal, perfectly happy".

She was able to identify the couple by looking online and notified the police.