Newspaper review: Papers celebrate Prince George's birth

Sunday newspapers

The Sunday papers join the celebrations for Prince George of Cambridge, whose arrival, the Observer says, ensures we now have 100 years' supply of kings.

There are souvenir supplements, magazines, and gifts for readers such as a royal baby print from the Sunday Mirror and a "super glossy" photo album from the Sunday Express.

As for presents for the royal baby, the Sunday Times says Australia's Northern Territory has given him a crocodile - it is to be kept at a Darwin crocodile park - and the Fort St George pub in Cambridge has put a plaque by a seat to reserve a place for him.

Carole Malone asks in the Sunday Mirror: Why have people gone absolutely barmy over this baby?

Shed a tear

For the Sunday Telegraph, it is partly a reflection of the very human excitement that all new-borns generate, but it is also a testament to the hold that the Royal Family continues to enjoy on people's imaginations.

Camilla Tominey, among the numerous journalists who were camped outside St Mary's Hospital, writes in the Sunday Express that she is not afraid to admit she shed a tear when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge finally appeared with their tiny bundle of joy.

The Observer gives good wishes to the royal couple but complains about what it calls royalism overload and the sugary sycophancy that has spread like treacle over most of the media coverage.

It calls for a renewed and robust debate on the role and relevance of the modern monarchy.

Economy praise

Joan Smith in the Independent on Sunday says hereditary monarchy fails every single test of diversity and equality.

She wants every child, regardless of background, to grow up knowing that he or she could become head of state.

There is praise for another George after the official figures suggesting that the economy grew by 0.6% in the second quarter of the year.

The Sunday Times says six months ago many economists were predicting a triple dip recession and the chorus urging the chancellor to change course was growing louder. Now, says Matthew D'Ancona, there are tentative signs of a true recovery.

A cartoon in the Independent on Sunday shows George Osborne sitting in a pram that is hurtling down some stairs as he holds a piece of paper showing the growth figures. "Bouncing Back" is the caption.

Prison reviews

The Independent also says scientists are preparing to unveil a beef burger, made of synthetic meat, grown in a laboratory from the stem cells of a slaughtered cow.

The scientist behind the experiment believes synthetic meat could help save the world from the growing consumer demand for beef, lamb, pork and chicken.

Finally, the Sun reports that prisoners have begun rating Britain's most notorious jails like hotels in the style of travel guide reviews.

According to one inmate, Belmarsh in London is "very popular and filled with lots of celebrities and people in the news".

But another contributor complains about his stay at Wormwood Scrubs, saying the view from the room was poor and obscured by iron bars.

"The only plus point," he adds, "was that after checkout, I discovered that reception had forgotten to charge me for my stay."

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