Newspaper review: 'Slaves' ordeal' and Brucie's fears

Daily Mail front page 23/11/13
Image caption The story of the three women allegedly held as slaves for 30 years in south London leads the Daily Mail on Saturday. "Police said the women and their captors may have appeared a normal family to the outside world," the paper reports.
The i front page 23/11/13
Image caption The same story is front and centre in the i. It says detectives have seized 2,500 exhibits from the house where the women were allegedly held. Elsewhere on the i front page is news that former Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell is in the running to be the next London mayor.
Guardian front page 23/11/13
Image caption Police are investigating whether the three women "were part of a cult", the Guardian reports. The newspaper's big picture is of five-year-old Doctor Who fan James Shearing, dressed as his favourite incarnation of the Time Lord, Matt Smith.
Sun front page 23/11/13
Image caption The Sun's Saturday exclusive comes from an interview with Sir Bruce Forsyth, who tells the paper he is living "on borrowed time" and is "ready for it" - it being "the end of his career and his life". The 85-year-old added: "The day will come and it could be tomorrow, who knows?"
Daily Mirror front page 23/11/13
Image caption The Daily Mirror has an exclusive from the former partner of Joanna Dennehy. Last week she admitted stabbing three men to death. It carries a large picture of her, describing her as an "angelic schoolgirl who became a serial killer". The paper also features a picture of Rebecca Adlington in the I'm A Celebrity jungle.
Financial Times front page 23/11/13
Image caption The Financial Times says Brussels is to launch an "anti-trust probe into pay-TV rights to screen premium sport and Hollywood blockbusters". It says the "groundbreaking move... builds on a test case brought by a British pub landlady", and could "smash open the country-by-country licensing" system.
Daily Express front page 23/11/13
Image caption Health leads Saturday's Daily Express - it says "a drug that can ease the crippling symptoms of arthritis has brought new hope to sufferers". According to the paper, a year-long trial on 1,200 patients "improved their condition by up to 20 per cent".
Daily Telegraph front page 23/11/13
Image caption An interview with Attorney General Dominic Grieve leads the Daily Telegraph. He says "corruption in parts of the Pakistani community is 'endemic' and a growing problem that politicians have underestimated". Mr Grieve said many of his own constituents from South Asia had grown up to believe in "a favour culture".
Times front page 23/11/13
Image caption The Times has carried out a poll which suggests that immigration from the European Union is voters' top concern. The paper says David Cameron is to announce new restrictions on the benefits migrants can receive in an effort to placate the public, especially ahead of a likely influx from Bulgaria and Romania.
Daily Star front page 23/11/13
Image caption Another day, another I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here story for the Daily Star - an apparent tryst between one of the contestants and comedian Russell Brand. The paper does give a couple of inches to the slavery story, remarking that the women were reportedly "only let out to hang out the washing".

A number of Saturday's papers lead with more on the story of three women allegedly held captive as slaves for 30 years in a London home.

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