Front pages: Soldier Rigby's 'barbarous' killing in press

Daily Mirror front page 30/11/13
Image caption A very powerful front page from the Daily Mirror - its image shows the moment just before soldier Lee Rigby was run over and killed in Woolwich in May. "Unspeakable. Unbearable", says the headline - the latter referring to the fact that the fusilier's family were unable to stay in court to hear the evidence.
Independent front page 30/11/13
Image caption Another blunt and brutal headline from the Independent - a quote from the prosecution in the trial of two men accused of murdering Lee Rigby. The paper says the "horrifying details" of his death were revealed in court on Friday. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale deny murder.
i front page 30/11/13
Image caption Sister paper the i also leads with the killing of Lee Rigby. Its picture shows him in full military dress. The text says one of the accused claimed he was "answering the call of God". Among the other stories trailed on the front page is news that David Cameron is to "relax" the UK's "ethical policy" on China.
Guardian front page 30/11/13
Image caption The Guardian also leads with the Lee Rigby killing, but instead of a picture of the victim it uses a court sketch of his two alleged murderers. Its second story is a warning from the Bank of England governor to anyone taking on a new mortgage - that they must be able to pay it when interest rates go up.
Sun front page 30/11/13
Image caption The Sun leads with the court case involving Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi. The papers says the art dealer told the jury he was "broken hearted" at their divorce, "despite saying he 'could only laugh at her sorry depravity' in an earlier email".
Daily Mail front page 30/11/13
Image caption The Daily Mail is angry at what it calls the "astonishing greed" of City bankers who have been "enjoying the high life... while the rest of the nation coped with an unprecedented squeeze". It says figures show their salaries rose by more than a third in 2012 "with the top 2,700 taking home an average of £1.6 million each".
Financial Times front page 30/11/13
Image caption The Financial Times has an interview with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in which it says he "struck a tough line" on his country's expectations of last week's nuclear deal. He reportedly told the FT he will maintain facilities for peaceful purposes, despite the calls of "Israel and US hawks".
Daily Telegraph front page 30/11/13
Image caption According to Saturday's Daily Telegraph, energy bills "could be cut as early as tomorrow" - by £50 a year - as a result of reductions to green levies set to be announced by George Osborne. The paper's main picture is of Prince William and a group of smiling children at Birmingham Library.
Daily Star front page 30/11/13
Image caption It's I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here again for the Daily Star and the intriguing headline: "Amy and Joey to wed in new jungle 'fix'." Apparently, "their dads were spotted shopping for the perfect engagement ring."
Daily Express front page 30/11/13
Image caption Finally, a health story leads the Daily Express and preliminary research that suggests aspirin could help prevent dementia and cancer in the elderly. The paper says a study is beginning of 15,000 people to find out more. Its front page picture story concerns Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi.

"Unspeakable" and "cowardly" - two of the words used by the newspapers to cover the first day of the Lee Rigby murder trial.