Front pages: Scenes of devastation after crash

Sunday Telegraph front page 1/12/13
Image caption Scenes of carnage greet Sunday newspaper readers this week following the helicopter crash on Friday. The Sunday Telegraph has an incredible photograph showing the wreckage of the aircraft embedded in the roof of a Glasgow pub. Visible among the chaos is a rotor blade and the tail.
Independent front page 1/12/13
Image caption The Independent on Sunday has chosen a similar picture and accompanies it with the question on many lips following the incident: "How could this happen?" The photograph, a slightly wider shot, shows the scale of the rescue operation, with a line of fire engines and ambulances stretching into the distance.
Observer front page 1/12/13
Image caption The search for answers as to why the crash happened is also the focus in the Observer. It reports that eyewitnesses said the helicopter seemed to "drop like a stone", but adds: "Aviation experts said that the EC135 T2 was a very modern aircraft with a good safety record."
Sunday Express front page 1/12/13
Image caption Several papers, including the Sunday Express, focus on the efforts of ordinary pub-goers to help those injured. "Heroism amid the horror," is its headline, and it talks of drinkers forming a human chain "to pull free wounded".
Sunday Times front page 1/12/13
Image caption The Sunday Times' picture shows the conditions rescue workers are facing, picking through twisted metal, with a wheel of the helicopter - and its police livery - visible. Its main story though is news that "Britain's pupils are lagging far behind key international competitors" despite massive investment in education.
Mail on Sunday front page 1/12/13
Image caption The Mail on Sunday follows up its story from last week with more on former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch and the media mogul's ex-wife Wendi Deng. The picture on its front page is of what the paper says is one of the victims of the helicopter crash.
Daily Star on Sunday 1/12/13
Image caption More I'm A Celebrity gossip from the Daily Star on Sunday. Saturday's Star talked of a fake marriage stunt that could take place between contestants Joey Essex and Amy Willerton. Now we see why it would be a fake - the paper says she has a "secret love" outside the jungle whom she "hid to land TV role".

One story dominates the Sunday front pages - the helicopter crash in Glasgow that has left eight people dead.