Interactive guide: Mark Duggan's last movements

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Planned operation

Mark Duggan was fatally shot by police on Thursday 4 August 2011, in Tottenham, north London. Here is an account of events leading to the shooting.

Specialist officers had been monitoring his movements as part of an operation against the gang Tottenham Man Dem.

A briefing was due at 18:00 at the Quicksilver police base. By 17:15, firearms officers are en route there from their Leman Street base.

But at the same time, a taxi firm is called to take Mr Duggan from Shoreditch to Leyton, east London.

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Map of London showing Tottenham, Leyton and two police bases

Journey to Leyton

At 17:20 an intelligence officer with the Metropolitan Police's Trident unit tells the team that Mr Duggan is thought to be heading to pick up a gun from the Vicarage Road area of Leyton.

Unarmed Trident officers drive to the area to wait for Mr Duggan and to monitor what happens.

At 17:56 the minicab carrying Mr Duggan, a silver Toyota Lucida, arrives in Vicarage Road and is seen by the police team.

Map of taxi route to Leyton

Collecting the gun

During the 38-minute journey from Shoreditch, Mark Duggan has had several phone conversations with a man named Kevin Hutchinson-Foster who is at Burchell Road.

Six days earlier, Hutchinson-Foster had brandished a handgun and used it to beat a man in Hackney.

When Mr Duggan arrives at the junction of Burchell Road, a man approaches the taxi and passes him a box through the open door.

In a later trial, the jury hears that the man was Kevin Hutchinson-Foster and that this box contained a BBM Bruni Model 92, wrapped in a black sock.

Burchell Road and Vicarage Road

Hard stop

The silver minicab moves off again at 18:00 and heads towards Tottenham.

Firearms officers from CO19 (Specialist Firearms Command) in unmarked cars join Trident officers already tailing Mark Duggan.

At 18:10, police are in a "State Red" which means they will make an arrest as soon as possible.

The armed officers are in four vehicles, code-named Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Control, and aiming to get directly behind the taxi to carry out a "hard stop".

Map of taxi route from Leyton to Tottenham


At Ferry Lane, the four pursuit vehicles are directly behind the minicab and force it to the kerb. Mr Duggan gets out of the taxi and is shot twice by a firearms officer in the chest and arm.

Officers carry out first aid and call paramedics but at 18:41 Mr Duggan is pronounced dead. According to police evidence, the gun is found in a grassy area as much as 20ft (6m) away.

The jury at the inquest into the death of Mr Duggan reached a majority conclusion that it was a lawful killing, although they did not think he had the gun in his hand when he was shot.

3D scene of shooting showing cars and approximate gun location

Source: Evidence to the Mark Duggan inquest, including documents, GPS records and verbal evidence.

Kevin Hutchinson-Foster was convicted in January 2013 of supplying a gun to Mark Duggan.

An Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation into the events surrounding Mr Duggan's death has not yet been published.