Front pages: Mandela and O'Toole share headlines

Daily Telegraph front page 16/12/13
Image caption "The giant of movies" - that's how Monday's Daily Telegraph describes Peter O'Toole, who has died at the age of 81. Above a big picture of the actor in his most famous role - Lawrence of Arabia - is the paper's front page story on Nelson Mandela. He has "finally" been "given peace", it says.
Daily Mirror front page 16/12/13
Image caption The Daily Mirror comes closest of all the papers to dividing its front page equally between Mandela and O'Toole. The top half shows the former South African president's coffin before, it says, he was "laid to rest in the fields where he played". The bottom remembers the "last of the great hellraisers".
Times front page 16/12/13
Image caption Nelson Mandela is all but pushed off the front of the Times by a picture of O'Toole - "rebel with a cause" - and a story on the BBC. The latter says MPs claim "BBC executives were paid millions in 'sweeteners' because of leadership failures at the highest level and a culture of cronyism".
Guardian front page 16/12/13
Image caption The Guardian's striking front page image shows - from directly above - Nelson Mandela's coffin being carried by military personnel. The lead story is a promise by Ed Miliband to boost house building by preventing "profiteering property developers and councils who block development" from hoarding land.
Independent front page 16/12/13
Image caption O'Toole takes top billing in the Independent, but alongside his photograph is a moving piece from Qunu and the final journey of Nelson Mandela. The main story concerns a poll which suggests under 25s "want Britain to stay in the EU" and "fear that their job prospects will be damaged if the UK quits".
Financial Times front page 16/12/13
Image caption The Financial Times main image is the "last farewell" to Nelson Mandela. Its lead story concerns the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. It says the EU has "halted efforts to revive a landmark integration deal" - the deal that is at the heart of the current demonstrations.
Daily Mail front page 16/12/13
Image caption "Screen legend" Peter O'Toole appears again in the Daily Mail, with no sign of the Mandela funeral. The main story asks why the UK is still giving £27m a year in aid to China "even though the Communist superpower is so wealthy is has just sent a rocket to the moon". The paper says the public will be "horrified".
Sun front page 16/12/13
Image caption The headline writers at the Sun do it again with their X-Factor story. "Screw dunnit", they say, referring to victor and prison officer Sam Bailey. The paper has also managed to sneak in a reference to Andy Murray "netting" BBC Sports Personality of the Year on its front page.
i front page 16/12/13
Image caption No mention of Mandela and only a small image of O'Toole on the front of the i. Most of the page is devoted to the same lead as the Independent on the fears of young people regarding the EU. It says a "generation gap" is opening up "with 60% of pensioners supporting exit".
Daily Star front page 16/12/13
Image caption Now I'm A Celebrity is over, the Daily Star switches its focus to Celebrity Big Brother which starts in the New Year. It says there'll be "a shock royal appearance" in the house this year as it becomes "a house fit for a Queen". The paper also mentions the death of Peter O'Toole on page one.
Daily Express front page 16/12/13
Image caption The Daily Express leads with one of its favourite subjects, a possible "breakthrough" in the treatment of arthritis. A "14p a day tablet" developed 40 years ago for high blood pressure and heart failure could "ease patients' suffering". The front page also covers Strictly Come Dancing and O'Toole.

Two men from very different walks of life dominate Monday's front pages - Nelson Mandela and Peter O'Toole.