Immigration and Syria on front pages

The Sun has a "red line demand" for Prime Minister David Cameron on the eve of the latest European Union summit: "Win back our power to halt immigration from the EU." It suggests people will vote to leave the EU altogether if he fails.

Guardian front page, 18/12/13 The PM is acting, according to the Guardian, by rushing through a block on EU migrants' access to benefits. He's bidding to have it enforced by 1 January when work restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians will be lifted, it says.
Financial Times front page, 18/12/13 The Financial Times describes a blow to the EU in the form of Ukraine agreeing new ties with Russia, which is to supply it with cheaper gas and buy government debt. The FT says the deal gives Russia more influence than Western Europe.
Independent front page, 18/12/13 The Independent looks at the case of British doctor Abbas Khan, who died in a Damascus prison. It questions the official verdict of suicide and suggests a rift in the Syrian regime may have led to him being killed by officials.
The i front page, 18/12/13 The i spells out the case even more clearly, with a headline reading: "UK doctor 'murdered' by Syrian authorities." Foreign Office Minister Hugh Robertson is among those blaming the Damascus regime for his death, it says.
Times front page, 18/12/13 After a former prep school headmaster was convicted of multiple sex offences, the Times describes the elite boarding school as a "child-abuse factory". More than 30 boys were abused at Caldicott School in Buckinghamshire, it says.
Daily Telegraph front page, 18/12/13 All British counties, except Cornwall, could have areas made available for shale gas exploration, according to the Daily Telegraph. It says 2,880 wells could be drilled to meet up to a fifth of the country's annual gas demand.
Daily Mirror front page, 18/12/13 A Labour MP has asked police to look into Lord Hanningfield's expenses amid claims he "clocks in" for short periods to earn a £300 allowance, the Daily Mirror says. The peer says the cash funds parliamentary work away from the Lords.
Daily Express front page, 18/12/13 Figures suggesting house prices have risen by £1,000 per month in the last year lead the Daily Express. It says prices shot up 5.5% in October, when compared with the same month in 2012.
Daily Mail front page, 18/12/13 Women over the age of 65 drink more frequently than younger counterparts, according to a survey reported in the Daily Mail. One in seven in the age group consumes alcohol five days a week, it says.
Daily Star front page, 18/12/13 The Daily Star reports the latest from the fraud trial of two of Nigella Lawson's former personal assistants. One of the sisters told the court the TV cook would take drugs to help her stay up late when she had a book to write, it says.

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