PM 'harangued' by flood victims - front pages

i front page 28/12/13
Image caption The i is one of several papers to lead with the seemingly never-ending bad weather and David Cameron's encounter with angry householders who've been without power for days. The paper says they demanded answers from the PM after claiming to have been "abandoned to the storm" by the authorities.
Daily Telegraph front page 28/12/13
Image caption Those angry flood victims appear on the front of the Daily Telegraph too. It says Mr Cameron "appeared rattled as he tried to defuse the situation". The paper's lead story, though, concerns the head of the Countryside Alliance, who has reportedly accused the RSPCA of being a "sinister and nasty" organisation.
Daily Express front page 28/12/13
Image caption More weather woe in the Daily Express which predicts that "gales and rain are set to ruin revellers' new year celebrations". It also reports on David Cameron being "harangued" by residents in Kent. The front page picture is of actor Colin Firth with wife Livia, and concerns his forthcoming wartime film.
Financial Times front page 28/12/13
Image caption A flooded field greets FT readers too, but its lead story concerns a two-year high in the cost of borrowing "as investors bet on brighter economic prospects in 2014". The paper also says London's wealthiest home owners "are rushing to extend their homes underground" before new planning restrictions come in.
Times front page 28/12/13
Image caption The Times says the government "has vowed to block a fresh push to introduce new EU human rights, such as the right to marry and the right to collective bargaining". The justice secretary has reportedly called it "absurd" and said "the European Commission should stop trying to create a European justice system".
Guardian front page 28/12/13
Image caption The Guardian says the head of a think tank is accusing David Cameron of "pandering to prejudice, uncertainty and anger" by responding to the rise of the UK Independence Party with "negative and uninspiring" politics. The paper's main picture is of one of newly freed members of Pussy Riot.
Independent front page 28/12/13
Image caption The Independent has an exclusive about Children's Commissioner for England Maggie Atkinson. She tells the paper she is in favour of a total ban on smacking, and wants to close a current "loophole" in the law that makes it illegal to hit adults or pets but not to "physically chastise" a child.
Daily Mail front page 28/12/13
Image caption The Daily Mail says England has overtaken the Netherlands to become "the most overcrowded major country in Europe". It says "the revelations will fuel the debate over immigration". The paper's front page also says Andy Murray has been "snubbed" and will not be knighted in the New Year's Honours.
Daily Mirror front page 28/12/13
Image caption A story about the hunt for Madeleine McCann leads Saturday's Daily Mirror. It says "bungling police chased the wrong suspect for six years", focusing their attention on "an innocent dad" who tried to rule himself out of their inquiry in 2007 "but his evidence was overlooked".
Daily Star front page 28/12/13
Image caption Look out if you live in Coronation Street. The Daily Star says the soap's writers "are lining up a bloodbath year of death to make it the most talked-about show on telly". "Some of the soap's favourite characters," it says, "will be hit with a series of explosive stunts and deadly plots."

As the bad weather goes on, several of Saturday's front pages show David Cameron coming face to face with some of those bearing the brunt.