'Licence to teach' plan and new cities - front pages

Times front page 11/1/14 Image copyright News Corp
Image caption "Teachers will have to be licensed and will face the sack if they fail new tough checks on their abilities under plans drawn up by Labour," the Times reports. It says they "will need to show they are teaching to a high standard and have refreshed their subject knowledge and skills through training".
Daily Telegraph front page 11/1/14 Image copyright Telegraph Media Group
Image caption Saturday's Daily Telegraph says "a secret Whitehall report recommending that two new cities are built in southern England to combat the housing shortage is being suppressed by David Cameron". The paper says they could be located in Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, or the PM's home county, Oxfordshire.
Daily Mail front page 11/1/14 Image copyright Associated Newspapers
Image caption The Daily Mail says NICE - the NHS body "in charge of rationing drugs" - spent £115,000 "on taxpayer-funded credit cards" in the past two-and-a-half years. That included, the paper says, "£5,000 on luxury hotels, £3,800 on camcorders... and £3,346 at Searcy's, a chain of champagne bars in London".
i front page 11/1/14 Image copyright IPL London
Image caption The i has an interview with shadow health secretary Andy Burnham and what it calls the "battle for the soul of the NHS". He accuses the coalition of "deliberately running down" the NHS "to prepare it for privatisation". The front page also features news of President Francois Hollande's alleged affair.
Guardian front page 11/1/14 Image copyright Guardian Media Group
Image caption The Guardian warns of a "timebomb" looming in the housing market which could lead to a rise in homelessness. It says "buy-to-let landlords could turn potential tenants away or even evict them if they are on housing benefit". It emerged in recent days that one landlord, Fergus Wilson, is already doing that in Kent.
Independent front page 11/1/14 Image copyright IPL London
Image caption An intriguing lead in the Independent - a leaked report from 2003 which says "the entire criminal justice system was infiltrated by organised crime gangs". Its main image is of "Britain's most controversial landlord" - the aforementioned Fergus Wilson.
Daily Express front page 11/1/14 Image copyright Express Newspapers
Image caption Britons are set to top the "international life expectancy league table" over the next 50 years, the Daily Express reports. Men will, on average, reach 87, while women will live to 90. The paper also pictures the flooded home of magician Paul Daniels and wife Debbie McGee.
Sun front page 11/1/14 Image copyright News Corp
Image caption The Sun says Celebrity Big Brother star Lee Ryan "had a secret sexual relationship with Blue bandmate Duncan James". The paper also claims to have an exclusive interview with father-of-22 Raymond Hull. Its front page picture shows him surrounded by some of those children.
Daily Star front page 11/1/14 Image copyright Express Newspapers
Image caption It's Celebrity Big Brother in the Daily Star too. It claims Jim Davidson "and his Celeb Big Bro enemy Linda Nolan have sparked rumours of a secret fling... because there is so much 'tension'" between them.
Daily Mirror front page 11/1/14 Image copyright Trinity Mirror
Image caption The Daily Mirror also has more on father-of-22 Raymond Hull, who it says lives "a lavish lifestyle despite having been on the dole for 10 years". It says his family "may have cost taxpayers £1.2 million". Its picture of choice? Mr Hull bare-chested on holiday.

News that teachers will need a licence to work under a future Labour government is the lead in Saturday's Times.