UK weather: 'Our flooring and furniture is ruined'

More heavy rain and gale-force winds are sweeping across southern Britain. Seventeen severe flood warnings remain in place in parts of England.

Prime Minister David Cameron said the government would "fight at every front to help people" hit by floods.

BBC News website readers have been sharing their stories.

Sophie Ashley, Staines-On-Thames, Surrey

Image copyright JOHN ASHLEY

"My husband John took this photo around 03:00 on Friday of our flooded street after finishing his nightshift.

"If it wasn't so sad it would be stunningly beautiful."

Jeanette Shipp, Fetcham, Surrey

Image copyright Jeanette Shipp

"I was flooded when the River Mole burst its banks back in December. The water came up through the floor and it rose above the third step of the stairs, ruining everything it came into contact with.

"The insurers removed all the downstairs furniture and virtually all other contents (many of which were not flood-damaged) from the property to my front garden and it was stolen while I was at work.

"This makes me feel very vulnerable in my property. I am now living in the upstairs of my house while I wait to hear from the insurance company which is disputing my claim.

"This whole thing is a nightmare."

David Woodcock, Theale, Berkshire

Image copyright Gordon Wickens
Image caption David Woodcock's colleague Gordon took these photos of conditions near their office in Theale

"I run an office in Theale right by the canal.

"We got a knock on the door from a local police officer saying they were evacuating the business park. The rising flood waters meant we could have been stranded overnight if we didn't leave.

"It wasn't a great move for some businesses, but our company is lucky as all employees are able to work from home.

"I believe cars were going through the water in a nearby road causing big waves and further flooding.

"This time the authorities have shut off the business park and the surrounding roads. They have also cut out parts of the hedges to allow water to pass and have removed kerbstones to help move the flood water."

Lyndsey Hancock, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Image copyright LYNDSEY HANCOCK

"We were told on Friday 7 February to evacuate because of flooding. The next hour was spent furiously moving anything and everything we could upstairs and my husband moving sandbags to the front and back doors.

"I took my two-year-old son and a car full of our things to my parents' house.

"The next day we donned our wellies and went back to the house. The water had swept through the house, all the flooring and furniture we couldn't move was ruined.

"The insurance company were initially very helpful but a week on we have heard nothing.

"We have been left with a house in an uninhabitable state.

"Meanwhile, our neighbours are busy restoring and rebuilding their lives around us. Their insurance companies have not only come in and helped dry out their houses but they also put them up in hotels while they were doing that. We've had nothing."

Jardine Broome, Tilshead, Wiltshire

Image copyright JARDINE BROOME

"This is our road. I am one of the lucky ones whose house hasn't been flooded.

"The only way in or out is via military roads on the Salisbury plains, which can mean close encounters with tanks.

"We've just been told there could be dysentery in the flood water. This a real worry."

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