Moyles' tax and housing in papers

Stories about pay, taxes and benefits feature on many of Saturday's front pages.

The Guardian reports that the bosses of Britain's biggest banks are to be awarded millions of pounds in shares to circumvent an EU-imposed bonus cap. It is among the papers to carry a dramatic picture of Britain's Elise Christie crashing out of the short track skating at the Winter Olympics.

Daily Mirror front page - 22/02/14 The admission by former BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles that he joined a tax avoidance scheme is the lead story in the Daily Mirror. It reports the so-called Working Wheels scheme involved more than 400 other high-earning members, including other celebrities.
The Independent front page - 22/02/14 The Independent leads with comments by Labour leader Ed Miliband about his proposed changes to party membership. In an interview, Mr Miliband tells the paper he hopes to address "the disconnect people feel about politics".
The Times front page - 22/02/14 The Times reports claims from mental health charities that thousands of teenage girls at independent schools are affected by a "silent epidemic" of anorexia.
Daily Express front page - 22/02/14 The Daily Express hails rulings in the Court of Appeal that said that government changes to housing benefit were legal. The "double victory bolstered the crackdown on Britain's bloated benefits system," it says.
The Sun front page - 22/02/14 A different benefits story attracts the attention of the Sun - claims by a 44-year-old woman that her weight ballooned to 23 stone because state handouts allowed her to spend £120 a week on takeaways and junk food. It too covers the story about Chris Moyles.
Daily Telegraph front page - 22/02/14 Chris Moyles also makes the front page of the Daily Telegraph. Its lead story concerns comments by the Princess Royal - patron of the English Rural Housing Association - at a conference that affordable homes need to be built across villages if the countryside is to be protected from large-scale developments.
Financial Times front page - 22/02/14 A different housing story in The Financial Times. It reports its own analysis of figures suggesting that large numbers of professionals have been locked out of the London housing market by the purchasing power of a wealthy "uber middle" elite and international buyers.
Daily Mail front page - 22/02/14 Furious passengers on a delayed flight called police after being left stuck on the tarmac for hours, the Daily Mail reports. The paper describes the incident on a Ryanair plane at Stansted on 14 February as a "mutiny". Operations at the airport had been disrupted by the weather and some claims made by passengers in a video posted on YouTube are disputed by the airline.
Daily Star front page - 22/02/14 A story about Coronation Street makes the front page of the Daily Star. The cast of the soap fears a "protective army of ghosts" that inspired success over the decades was left behind when the set moved to a new home. the paper reports.
The i front page - 22/02/14 The i focuses on Ed Miliband's plans for Labour. It quotes his statement that new membership rules will "devolve party power to the public".

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