Prince Harry duels with warrior on trip to Oman

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Image caption Prince Harry engaged in a friendly duel with 60-year-old Mohammed Moussa during his trip to Oman

Prince Harry has enjoyed a light-hearted swordfight with a local warrior during his tour of Oman.

The duel with 60-year-old warrior Mohammed Moussa came while he was visiting a 17th century fort in the city of Nizwa.

He also took part in a traditional sword dance and was shown how to handle the weapon properly, before being presented with a bouquet of flowers.

It's the second day of the prince's three-day trip to the Gulf state.

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Image caption Locals welcomed Prince Harry's visit to a historic fort in the city of Nizwa

When Harry arrived at the fort, locals welcomed him with a traditional ceremony known as a razha.

During the performance, one man held his sword upright and vibrated it from side to side in his hand. The prince tried the manoeuvre too, but after a few attempts, joked: "This is mad!"

Harry then traded a few friendly blows with his veteran sparring partner before retiring, honours even.

Asked if he would keep his fencing sword, the prince laughed and said: "They didn't offer it to me, so probably not".

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Image caption The prince had time to admire some local handmade crafts
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Image caption Prince Harry, a serving officer in the British Army, temporarily favoured a more traditional weapon

The 17th-century fortification is two hours drive from the Omani capital of Muscat and boasts an 80ft-high round tower.

Prince Harry signed the fort's visitors book, writing: "Thank you for an amazing visit. There is never enough time to see everything, for that I am sorry! The whole place is beautiful."

Before leaving, he was presented with a large bouquet of flowers by a group of local children aged four and five. There was some confusion however, as the children had thought the prince was married and prepared the gift for him and his supposed wife.

Their teacher Jalila Al Sabahi said: "It was for his wife, the children thought a princess would be coming too."

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Image caption Before visiting the fort, Prince Harry had time for some early Christmas shopping at a nearby souk
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Image caption Local children presented the prince with some flowers, but mistakenly thought he had brought his 'wife'

Harry's tour guide Yahya Al-Azri said: "His Highness was very happy to come to Nizwa, I saw that in his face and in the comments he left in the VIP guestbook.

"When he tried to catch the sword the first time he could not do it but when he was told what to do the second time he was excellent."

After he completes his tour of Oman, Prince Harry will travel to Abu Dhabi.

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